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29 January 1999

Kenya Government Gazette dated 1999-01-29 number 5

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                                                Published. by Authority of the Republic of Kenya                              cel
                                                         (Registered as a Newspaper at the G.P.O.)

          Vol. CI—No. 5                                NAIROBI, 29th January, 1999                                                  Price Sh. 35

                               GAZETTE NOTICES                                                       Gazetre Notices—(Contd.)                          cae
                                                                    PAGE                                                               ‘aegp     PAGE
          TheCentrai Bank of Kenya Act—Appointment                     112       Local Government Notices.      ..05 2° #1.                    141-165
          The Registration of Titles Act—Issue of Provisional          ae        Loss of Share Certificates, ete: °F 082 8 Be eer                     165
                                                                                 Change of Name’:
          The Registered Land Act—Issue of New Certifi-
            cates of Lease, etc.      .           :              112-116
          Customs and Excise Department—Goods Held in
            the Customs Warehouse, I.C.D., Embakasi             - 116-117
          The Mining Act—Expiry of an Exclusive Prospec-
            ting Licence, etc.   .                                     118                              SUPPLEMENTNo. 6
          Probate and Administration                              118-132                              Legislative‘Suppleme

          The Electric Power Act—Application for Renewal                         Leca Notice No.          02) 8" 8 eee
            of Distributing Licences         .     .                   133             8—The Stamp Duty Act—Exemption ed                  .       ;
          The Co-operative Societies Act—Inquiry                       133             9—The.. Customs and Excise Act—Mutual a
          The Bankruptcy Act—Receiving Order                           133                Tariff. Concessions-Common Market for
                                                                                           Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA)                        19
          Trade Marks                                              134-140
                                                                                    ’ 10—The Insurance (Motor Vehicles Third
          The -African. Christian Marriage and Divorce                                   Party Risks) (Certificate of. Insurance)
            Act—Ministers Licensed to Celebrate Marriages          140-141                 Rules, 1999.                                 ean!


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