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5 February 1999

Kenya Government Gazette dated 1999-02-05 number 6

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             THE KENYA GAZETTE                        Published by Authority of the Republic of Kenya
                                                                   (Registered as a Newspaper at the G.P.O.)

          Vol. CI—No. 6                                        NAIROBI, 5th February, 1999                                                   Price Sh. 35

                                     GAZETTE NOTICES                                                           Lecat Notices-—(Contd.)
          The Commissions of Inquiry Act—Extension                    .            168                              SUPPLEMENTNo. 8
          The Registration of Titles Act—Issue of Provisional                                                       Legislative Supplement
            Certificates        ae       we    ne    ae       .-              168-169      LEGAL Notice No.                                             -   PAGE

          The Registered Land Act—Issue of a New Certifi-                                        12—The Customs and Excise (Amendmentof
            cate of Lease, etc.                .     .        .               169-171                the Second Schedule) (No. 4X Order,
          Customs and Excise Department—Sale by Public                                                1999      .                                             2
            Auction     2.0     e.       ee                                   171-174            (Published as Special Issue, on Ist February, 1999)
          Probate and Administration           a                              175-188
          Trade Marks           an       we    te   ae        .               189-196                               SUPPLEMENT No. 9
          The Accountants Act—Deregistration..                            ,        196                              Legislative Supplement
          The Advocates (Admission) RegulationsAdmis-                                      LEGAL Notice No.                                                 PAGE
            sions    wo                    .                                  .    196      :
                        ;        .                 ;                                            13—The    Central  Bank  of  Kenya
          The Co-operative Societies Act—Liquidation                                               Act—Description of New Issue of
            Order       «wwe             ee                                         196               Twenty Shillings Coin          Leas                     75
          Local GovernmentNotices              bee                            197-205            14—The Traffic Act—Suspension of Speed
          The    Kenya        Power     and   Lighting    Company                                     Limits for Safari Rally Vehicles       .                76
            Limited—Fuel Cost Adjustment...                                        205           15—The Traffic Act—Suspension of Traffic
                                                                                                      Rulesfor Safari Rally. Vehicles                         76
                                                                                                 16—The        Geothermal       Resources        Act,
                                     SUPPLEMENTNe. 7
                                                                                                      1982—-Declaration         of    Geothermal
                                     Legislative Supplement                                           Resources Area           .           .                  76

          Lecat Notice No.                                                        PAGE           17—The Kenya Sugar Authority (Imposition
                                                                                                    of Levy) (Amendment) (No. aOrder,
                11i—The Coffee uynorized Marketing                                                  1999.                                                     77
                    Agents) Rules, 1999 ..       .                                  27
                                                                                                  18—The Transport Licensing Act—Revoca-
                (Published as Special Issue, on 29th January, 1999)                                  tionof Exemption...                                      78


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