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10 March 1999

Kenya Government Gazette dated 1999-03-10 number 12

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     THE KENYA GAZETTE               Published: by Authority of the Republic of Kenya
                                             (Registered as a Newspaper at the G.P.O.)

Vol, CI—No. 12                              NAIROBI, 10th March, 1999                                                   Price Sh. 35

Gazette Notice No. 1250                                              Gazette Notice No, 1252

                                                                                     THE CONSTITUTION OF KENYA

          ' ELECTIONSACT, 1969 °°                                                      ELECTIONS ACT
                          (Cap. 7)                                                         (Cap. 7)

                DECLARATION oF VACANCY                                       THE PRESIDENTIAL AND PARLIAMENTARY
                                                                                    ELECTIONS REGULATIONS
  PURSUANTto the provisions of section 18 of the National
Assembly and Presidential Elections Act, I give notice that                  Notice oF ELECTION OF MEMBERS OF PARLIAMENT
consequent. upon.-the. death of—         oh. f
                                                                       IN EXERCISE ofthe powers conferred by section 42A of the
  oo Beniamiy Raver NpuBAl |                                         Constitution of Kenya, section 13 of the National Assembly and:
                                                                     Presidential Elections. Act and regulations 8 (3) and 14 of the
theseat formerly held by the said member. has: become vacant.
                                                                     Presidential and Parliamentary Elections Regulations;. the -
                                                                     Electoral Commission gives ‘notice that:
   Dated the 4th March, 1999. |                                            (a) An election is to be held of members to serve in the
                                                                              National Assembly for Tigania West and Kitui South

                                     K. F. ove KAPARO,                     (b) Each political party wishing to participate in.the election
                           Speaker of the National Assembly.                   mustfinalize the nomination ofits candidates on or before
                                                                               6th April, 1999.
                                                                           (c) The days for the nomination of the candidates for the
                                                                       -       parliamentary election will be on 7th and 8th April,
                                                                              ‘1999 and nomination papers may be delivered by the
Gazette Notice No. 1251                                                        candidates to the returning officers of the said constituen-
                                                                               cies between the hours of eight o’clock in the morning and
                                                                               one o’clock in the afternoon and between the hours of two
  THE NATIONAL ASSEMBLY AND PRESIDENTIAL                                       o’clock and four o’clock in the afternoon of the days.
            ELECTIONS ACT, 1969      .
                                                                           (d) If the parliamentary election is contested the poll will
                           (Cap. 7) -                                          take place on 24th April, 1999.
                 DECLARATION OF VACANCY                                    Dated the 8th March, 1999.
   PURSUANTto the provisionsof section 40 of the Constitution
of Kenya and section 18 of the National Assembly and Presiden-                                                     S. M. KIVUITU,
tial Elections Act, I give notice that the seat in Kitui South                                                                  Chairman,
Constituency formerly held by—                                                                          Electoral Commission of Kenya.

                   SAMUEL Katy Kiminza                                NOTEs:
has become vacant.
                                                                           1. The attention of candidates and persons subscribing nomina-
                                                                              tion papers is drawn to the provision of part TV of the
                                                                              Presidential and Parliamentary Elections Regulations (Cap.
   Dated the 4th March, 1999.                                                 7, Sub. Leg.).
                                                                           2. A person guilty of an election offence will be liable to the
                                                                              penalties imposed by the Election Offences Act (Cap. 66),
                                   K. F. ore KAPARO,                          and to the disqualifications imposed by the National
                            Speaker of the National Assembly.                 Assembly and Presidential Elections Act (Cap. 7).

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