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23 April 1999

Kenya Government Gazette dated 1999-04-23 number 21

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      THE KENYA GAZETTE                              Published by Authority of the Republic of Kenya
                                                                  (Registered as a Newspaper at the G.P.O.)

Vol. CI—No. 21                                                    NAIROBI, 23rd April, 1999                                               Price Sh. 35

                            GAZETTE NOTICES                                                                   GazeTrE Notices—(Conid.)
                                                                             PAGE                                                                  PAGE

The     Liquor    Licensing    Act—Appointment                                            The     Co-operative       Societies   Act—Liquida-
  of Liquor Licensing Court Members, etc.                                 756, 758          tion Order                                              716
The Kenya Cultural Centre Act—Appointment                                                 The Companies Act—Winding-up Order                         776
  of Council Members                                                           756
                                                                                           Local Government Notice                               716-777
The Local Government .Act—Revocation                               of
  Nomination of a Councillor, etc.                                             756        Business Transfer ..                                       777

The Forests Act—Alteration                      of   Boundaries,                          Disposal of Uncollected Goods ..                           777
  Witu Forest                                                                  756      . Lossof Policy                                              777
The Geologists Registration Act—Appointment                                                Closure of Private Road                                   777
  of Membersof the Geologists Registration
  Board                 .     .      ve                                         756       Change of Names ..                                         7717
The Coast Development Authority Act—
  Appointment of Members       .   a                                            757
The Kenya Posts and Telecommunications
  Corporation Act—Appointment of Chairman,
                                                                                                                 SUPPLEMENT No. 22
  etc.                  o        .      o            -        .                 757
The Kenya Communications Act—Appoiniment                                                                         Legislative Supplement
  of Board Members                                                              757
                                                                                           Lecat Notice No.
The Kenya Ports Authority Act—Appointment                                                                                                          PAGE
  of Directors                                                                  758
The Traffic AckAppointment                           of Registrar                              38—The State Corporations Act—Exemiption              123
  of Motor Vehicles                                   a    ve                   738
                                                                                               39--The Kenya Communications Act—Comm-
The Law of Succession Act—Appointment                                           758                encement                                          123
The      Registration       of   Titles          Act—Issue          of                         40—The Physical PlanningAct—Commence-
  a Provisional Certificate                                                     758                 ment                                             123
The      Registered     Land         Act—Issue           of       New                          41—The Tea (Packing) Regulations, 1999                124
  Land Title Deeds, etc. ..                                   .            758-760
                                                                                               42—TheTea(Cultivation) Regulations, 1999              124
Customs and Excise Department—-Goods Held
  in the Customs Warehouse, J.K.IA.                                         760-762            43—The Tea (Sun-TDried Tea) Regulations,
                                                                                                   1999                                              127
The Records Disposal (Courts) Rules—Intended
  Destruction of Court Records                                              763-766            44—The Kenya Tea Development Authority
                                                                                                  (Revocation) Order, 1999     .                     128
Probate and Administration                                                  766-776
                                                                                                45—The Income Tax Act—The Double Tax-
The National Assembly and. Presidential Elec-                                                      ation Relief (The United Republic of
  tions Act—Appointment of Deputy Returning                                                         Tanzania and the Republic 0of Uganda)
   Officer              .                   .                                   776               * Notice, 1999                                     132


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