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7 May 1999

Kenya Government Gazette dated 1999-05-07 number 25

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                   Published by Authority of the Republic of Kenya
                            (Registered as a Newspaper at the G.P.O.)

Vol. CI—No. 25              NAIROBI, 7th May, 1999                                   Price Sh. 35

                 Gazerre Notice No. 2516
                             THE CONSTITUTION OF KENYA

                      APPOINTMENT OF THE HicH CourrSitrinGc PLACE
                   IN EXERCISEofthe powersconferred bysection 60(5) of the
                 Constitution of Kenya,, the Chief Justice, appoints—

                 Tue Kenya Hic Commission AT 45 PoRTLAND PLACE, LONDON
                              WIN 4AS, UNrrep Kincpom
                 to be sitting place of the High Court of Kenya for the purposesof
                 recording evidence and other incidental proceedings thereto in
                 the High Court Criminal Case No. 55 of1998, Republic vs Simon
                 Basha ole Makala.
                   Dated the 5th May, 1999.
                                                          Zz. R. CHESONI,
                                                                   Chief Justice.

                     PRINTED AND PUBLISHED BY THE GOVERNMENTPRINTER, NAIROBI                   [853

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