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4 June 1999

Kenya Government Gazette dated 1999-06-04 number 30

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      THE KENYA GAZETTE                  Published by Authority of the Republic of Kenya
                                                   (Registered as a Newspaper at the G.P.O.)

Vol. CI—No. 30                                      NAIROBI, 4th June, 1999                                                    Price Sh: 35

                        GAZETTE NOTICES                                                             SUPPLEMENTNo. 30
                                                                                                          Bills, 1999

                                                                           The Parliamentary Pensions (Amendment) Bill, 1999                347
The Registration of Titles Act—Issuc of Provisional
  Certificates               ve   Lea                           1002                    (Published as Special Issuc, on 28th May, 1999)

The Registered Land Act—Issuc of New Land Title Deeds, ©
  etc...                                                   1002-1004
                                                                                                    SUPPLEMENTNo. 31
Customs and Excise Department—Goods Held in the
  Customs Warchousce, J.K.I.A., ctc.                       1004-1010                                      Bills, 1999
Probate and Administration                                 1010-1027       The Land Adjudication (Amendment)Bill, 1999                      357
Thc Companies Act—Winding-up                               1027-1028                -   (Published as Special Issue; on 28th: May, 1999)
Local Government Notices                                   1028-1030
Tenders                                                         1030                                 SUPPLEMENTNo.32
Disposal of Uncoliccted Goods                                   1031                                (Legislative Supplement)

LossofPolicies                                                  1031                                                                       PAGE
                                                                           LEGALNOTICE No.
Change of Names                                                 1031        61-62—-The State Corporations Act-—-Exemptions                  1141


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