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11 June 1999

Kenya Government Gazette dated 1999-06-11 number 32

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           THE KENYA GAZETTE                  Published by Authority of the Republic of Kenya
                                                      (Registered as a Newspaper at the G.P.O.)

    Vol. CI—No. 32                                    NAIROBI, lith June, 1999                                                 Price Sh. 35

                            GAZETTE NOTICES                                                       Gazerre Novrices-—(Contd.)
                                                                 PAGE                                                                     PAGE

    The Commissioners of Assizc Act—Appointment of                             Local Government Notices                                     1069
      Commissioncr of Assize, ctc.  an                             1042        Tenders . .                                                  1069
    The Local Government Act—Revocation of Nomination of
      a Councillor                                                             The Kenya Power and Lighting Company Limited—Fucl
                                                                   1042          Cost Adjustment     Ce                                     1069
    The Poverty Eradication Commission—A ppointment of a
      Member                                                                   Disposal of Uncollected Goods                                1070
                      .                 so                         1042
    The Registration of Titles Act—Issuc of Provisional                        LossofPolicies                                               1076
      Certificates, etc, ..                                        1042        Change of Names ..                                      1070-1071
    The Registered Land Act—Issuc of a New Certificate of
      Lease, etc. ..      nn            a                    1043-1046
    Customs and Excise Department—Sale by Public Auction                                              SUPPLEMENT No. 35
    Probate and Administration                                                                        Legislative Supplement

    The Clinical Officers (Training, Registration                              Lecat Notice No.                                            PAGE
_     Licensing) Act--Registered Clinical Officers           1064-1068
    The Survey Act—Suspension of Licence ..                                        82—The    Kenya    Ports   Authority   (Pensions)
                                                                                      (Cessation   of    Application)   Regulations,
    The Co-operative Socictics Act—Inquiry                                                                                                  1197


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