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25 June 1999

Kenya Government Gazette dated 1999-06-25 number 35

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       THE KENYA GAZETTE   Published by Authority of the Republic of Kenya
                                   (Registered as a Newspaper at the G.P.Q.)

    Vol. CI—No. 35                      NAIROBI, 25th June, 1999                                        Price Sh, 35

                     GazeriE Novice No. 3625

                                    THE KENYA COMMUNICATIONS ACT
                                                   (No. 2 of 1998)

                       IT IS notified for the information of the gencral public that the Minister
                     for    Transport    and   Communications     has   established    a   transition
                     management committce to assist the board of dircctors of the former
                     corporation for the purpose of winding-up the affairs of the former

                       The committee shall consist of:
                           The    Permanent      Sccretary,     Ministry       of   Transport    and

                           The Permanent Sceretary, Ministry of Finance.
                           The Solicitor-Gencral, Attorney-Gencral’s Chambers.
                           The Investment Sceretary, Ministry of Finance (Department of
                             Government Investment and Public Enterprise).
                           The Managing Director, Telkom Kenya Limited.
                           The Director-General, Communications Commission of Kenya.
                           The Post Master-General, Postal Corporation of Kenya. -
                           The Deputy Secretary Parastatal Reform, Ministry of Transport. and
                             Communications.                               :
                           The Deputy Sceretary Posts and Tclecommunications, Ministry of
                             Transport and Communications—(Secretary).

                       The committee may with the approval of the Minister co-opt such other
                     persons as it may deem necessary for the efficient and effective
                     implementation of its, work.

                       The committee shall remain in office until the’ completion, to the
                     satisfaction of the Minister, of the process of winding-up of the affairs of
                     the former corporation, and shall submit quarterly reports to the Minister
                     on the progress of the work for which it is appointed.
                       Dated the 17th Junc, 1999,

                                                              WILLIAM oLe NTIMAMA,
                                                   Minister for Transport and Communications.

                           PRINTED AND PUBLISHED BY THE GOVERNMENT PRINTER, NAIROBI                             [1153

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