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23 July 1999

Kenya Government Gazette dated 1999-07-23 number 41

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          THE KENYA GAZETTE                 Published by Authority of the Republic of Kenya
                                                     (Registered as a Newspaper at the G.P.O.)

 Vol. CI—No. 41                                      NAIROBI, 23rd July, 1999                                                    Price Sh. 40


                        GAZETTE NOTICES                                                          Gazerre Norices—(Contd.)
                                                                PAGE                                                                      PAGE
‘The      Local   Government        Act—Nomination    of                     Local Government Notice                                      1313
   Councillors, ctc.                an                            1264
                                                                             Lossof Policics                                              1313
 The Law of Succession Act—Appointment                            1264
                                                                             Change of Names                                              1313
 The National Assembly and Presidential Elections
   Act—Dcclaration of Vacancy, ete.                         1264-1265,
 Liquor Licensing                                                 1265
                                                                                                       SUPPLEMENTNo. 39
 The Registration of Titles Act—-Issuc of a Provisional
   Certificate                                                    1265                                 Legislative Supplement
 The Registered Land Act—Issue of New Land Title                             Lecat Norice No.
   Deeds, ctc.             .                 fee      ae    1265-1267
 Customs and Excise Department--Goods Held in the
   Customs Warchouse, Kilindini, ctc.                       1268-1275             97—The Income Tax Act—Exemption..                       1215

 Probate and Administration                                 1275-1294             98—The Stamp Duty Act—Exemption                         1215
’ Trade Marks                                               1295-1299             99—The Wildlife (Conservation and Manage-
                                                                                      ment) Act—Declaration of Closed
 The Companics Act—Incorporations, ctc.                     1299-1310,               Seasons                                              1216
                                                                                  100—The Community Service
                                                                                                     §      Orders Act—
 The Local Government Act—Notice of Election of                                       Commencement .              wee                     1216
   Councillors, ete.                                              1311
                                                                                  101-102—The Local Government (County
 The Co-operative Socictics§ ActLiquidation Order,                                    Council of Bureti) Order, 1999                      1217
   Cte.           .                                         1311-1312
                                                                                  103-104—The          Local       Government   (Town
 The African Christian Marriage and Divorce Act—
   Cancellation-of Licence        .            .
                                                                                        Council of Awendo) Order, 1999 ..                 1219
 The Court of Appcal—Summer Vacation, 1999                                        105—The Civil Aviation (Insurance) Regular
                                                                                        tions, 1999 .          .                          1221
 The Advocates (Admission) Regulations—Notification
   of Examination Dates                 Lee                       1312            106—The Weights and Measures (Sale and
                                                                                      Labelling of Goods) (Amendment)
 Kenya School of Law—Admission                                    1312                Rules, 1999   ..           .                        1223
 The   Physical   Planning          Act—Completion of                             107—The Weights and Measures (Amend-
   Development Plan                 bee     ee                    1313                ment) Rules, 1999                                   1228


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