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24 September 1999

Kenya Government Gazette dated 1999-09-24 number 61

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                                           Published by Authority of the Republic of Kenya
                                                     (Registered as a Newspaper at the G.P.O.)

Vol. CI—No. 61                                         NAIROBI, 24th September, 1999                                            Price Sh. 40

                         GAZETTE NOTICES                                                    Gazerre Norices—(Contd.)
                                                                 PAGE                                                                        PAGE

The Kenya Tourist Board Ordcr—Appointment                         1784        The Records Disposal (Courts)           Rulcs—Intended .
                                                                                Destruction of Court Records             .                    1799
The   Traffic   Act—Appointment       of   Driving   Test
  Examiners       2.0   2.01.   ee    eee                         1784        Probate and Administration                                 1799-1820
The Children and Young Persons Act—Appointments                   1784        Trade Marks                                                1821-1826
The Kenya National Library Service Board Act—                                 The Kenya Communications Act—Application for
  Appointment of Board Member           Leas                      1784          Licences to Provide Postal Services                           1826
The Magistrates’ Courts Act—Increase of Limit of                              The Companics Act—Winding-up, ctc.                         1827-1828
  Jurisdiction ..
                                                                  1789        The Internal Loans Act—Rcdemption Notice                        1828
Judicial Service Commission—Appointment of Chicf
   Magistrate           tee          Lea                          1785        The Physical Planning Aci—Pari Development Plans           1828-1829

Liquor Licensing                                                  1785        Local Government Notice                                         1829
                                                                              Disposal of Uncollected Gaads                                   1829
The Registration of Tides Act—Iissue of Provisional
  Certificates.                                              1785-1786        Change of Name                                                  1829

The Registered Land Act—Issuc of New Land Title
  Deeds, ete.         cee ee                                 1786-1788                              SUPPLEMENT No. 50
                                                                                                    Legislative Supplement
Central Bank of Kenya—Balance Shect as at 30th
  June, 1999                eee                  ee          1788-1792       Lecat Novice No.                                               PAGE

Customs and Excise Department—Sale by Public                                      143—The State Corporations Act—Revocation of
  Auction, cte.                      fee                     1792-1798                Exemption...)       w.   we  we  ee                    1317

                                                                  (798            144-146—The Meat Control Act—Declaration of
The Atiorney-General’s Chambers—Vacancies                                              Staughicrhouses, ctc.                                  4317


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