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31 January 2003

Kenya Government Gazette dated 2003-01-31 number 11

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                     Published by Authority of the Republic of Kenya

                             (Registered as a Newspaperat the G.P.O.)

Vol.CV—No.11               NAIROBI, 31st January, 2003                                  Price Sh. 40

               GAZETTE NOTICE NG. 693

                                   THE CIVIL AVIATION ACT
                                          (Cap. 394)
                                          PUBLIC INQUIRY


                   IN EXERCISEof the powers conferred by Regulation 9 (1) of the
               Civil Aviation Regulations, the Minister for Transport and
               Communications being ofthe opinion thatit is in the public interest do

                                           LEE MUTHOGA

               to hold a public inquiry into causes and the circumstances surrounding
               and leadingto a fatal accident involving aircraft registration 5Y EMJ
               type Gulfstream G159, which occurred on 24th January, 2003 at the
               BusiaAirstrip.                     :
                   Hewill be assisted by the following assessors—
                   Mwangi Charles Kamau (Eng.),
                   Col. Enos A. Ndoli,
                   Peter Musyoki Munyao,
                   Capt. Joe Mule Mutungi,
                   Capt. Allan Hurd.

                  ‘Assisting Counsel shall be—
                  Horace Okumu,
                  Nora Odingo.

                  The Secretariat of the Inquiry shall be at Transcom House, 8th
               Floor, Nairobi.

                  Dated the 29th January, 2003.

                                                              JOHN MICHUKI,
                                        Ministerfor Transport and Communications.

                 PRINTED AND PUBLISHED BY THE GOVERNMENT PRINTER, NAIROBI                       [225

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