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3 March 2003

Kenya Government Gazette dated 2003-03-03 number 24

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                   AGE EAE
             THE KENYA GAZETTE
                                              Published by Authority of the Republic of Kenya

                                                     (Registered as a Newspaperat the G.P.O.)

Vol. CV—No.24                                     NAIROBI, 3rd March,2003                                                         Price Sh. 40


                                                                      (Cap. 7)

                                                               ELECTION PETITIONS

    NOTICEis given that the following election petitions have been filed in various registries of the High Court of Kenya. The same will be heard by
the courts indicated in the fourth column. Mention dates for directions on the hearings are also indicated thereat.

Election Petition No. Petitioner(s)                            Respondent(s}                           Election Court

Nairobi               Peter Leo Agweli Onalo                   Eliakim Ludeki                          Justice H. P. G. Waweru at Nairobi.
1 of 2003                                                      Bitta Sauti Raphael Wanjala               Mention 10th March, 2003.
                                                               Electoral Commission of Kenya

Nairobi               Elias Bare Shill                         Aden Sugow Ahmed                        Justice M. A. Angawa at Nairobi. Mention
2 of 2003                                                      Jama Hassan Ginni                         11th March, 2003.
                                                               Electoral Commission of Kenya

Nairobi               Francis Njari Kagunyi                    Daniel Henry Gathua                     Justice P. N. Waki at Nairobi. Mention 12th
3 of 2003               .                                      James Viscount Kimathi                    March, 2003.
Nairobi               Kassim Dagane Kuno                       Wario Ali                               Justice P. J. Ransley at Nairobi. Mention
4 of 2003                                                      Danson S. Maingi                          20th March, 2003.
                                                               Electoral Commission of Kenya

Nairobi               Robert Nelson Ngethe                     Mbogori Njeru                           Justice D. K. Aganyanya at Nairobi.
5 of 2003                                                      James Njenga Karume                       Mention 13th March, 2003.

Nairobi               Joseph Dalldosse Lotodo                  Ernest Chirchir                         Justice G. E. O. Tunya at Eldoret. Mention
6 of 2003                                                      Kamama Asman Abongotum                     1ith March, 2003.
Nairobi               Andrew Mbithi Muiya                      Joseph Nyagah                           Justice J. W. Mwera at Milimani, Nairobi.
7 of 2003                                                      Festus Kirai Muga                         Mention 11th March, 2003.
                                                               Electoral Commission of Kenya
Nairobi               Mubwana Yusuf Hassan                     Michael Githaga                         Justice L. P. Ouna at Mombasa. Mention
8 of 2003                                                      Ngozi Abdalla Jumaa                        1 ith March, 2003.              :
                                                               Electoral Commission of Kenya
Nairobi               Reuben Kiplagat Chesire                  William Samoei Ruto                     Justice T. Mbaluto at Milimani, Nairobi.-
9 of 2003                                                      Paul Lopeyok Ngaliman                     Mention {0th March, 2003.
                                         /                     Electoral Commission of Kenya
Nairobi               John Michael Njenga Mututho              Daniel Keter                            Justice J. W. Lesiit at Nakuru. Mention 11th
10 of 2003                       .                             Electorat Commission of Kenya             March, 2003.
                                                               Paul Samuel Kihara
Nairobi               Kigen Luka Kipkorir                      Joel Langat                             Justice A. R. M. Visram at Nakuru, Mention —
11 of 2003                                                     Chelaitte Alicen Ronoh                     10th March, 2003.
Nairobi               Stephen Kinyanjui Mburu                  Simon Rubiru Gakuha                     Justice J. V. O. Juma at Nyeri. Mention 10th
12 of 2003                                                     Electoral Commission of Kenya             March, 2003
                                                               Waithaka Mwangi K.


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