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7 April 2003

Kenya Government Gazette dated 2003-04-07 number 41

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               THE KENYA GAZETTE
                                              Published by Authority of the Republic of Kenya

                                                      (Registered as a Newspaper atthe G.P.O.)

Vol. CV—No.41                                       NAIROBI, 7th April, 2003                                                        Price Sh. 40

                                                       THE TRANSPORTLICENSING ACT
                                                          ,           (Cap. 404)

   THEundermentionedapplications will be considered by the Transport Licensing Board at Eldoret Municipal Hall on the following days:

   Tuesday, 8th April, 2003—EL/R/v2/1 to EL/R/02/S0.
   Wednesday, 9th April, 2003—EL/R/02/51 to EL/R/02/1/100.

   Thursday, 10th April 2003      } to consider deferred cases and renewals tor the year 2003.

   Every objection in respect ofan application shall be lodged with the licensing authority and the District Commissionerof the district in which such
an application is to be heard and a copy therefore shail be sent to the applicant not less than seven (7) days before the date of the meeting at which
such an application is to be heard. Objections received later will not be considered except where otherwise stated that the applications are for one
vehicle.                                             :

   Every objector shall include the registration number ofhis/her vehicle (together with the timetables where applicable), operating on the applicant's
proposed route. Those who submit applications in the names ofpartnership and companies must bring certificates of business registration to the
Transport Licensing Board meeting.

   Applicants who are Kenya, Tanzania or Ugandacitizens of non-African origin must produce theircertificates or any other documentary proof of
their citizenship.
   Applicants whofail to attend the above. meeting as per requirement ofthis notice, without a reasonable cause. will have their applications refused
and should therefore, not expect further communications from the Board.

                                                               ROAD SERVICE LICENCES

ELD/R/03/1/01         Julius Muthomi Ringera, P.O.            Box 529.          ELD/R/03/1/06        F. W. Gituku, P.O. Box 2405, Nairobi. Route:
                      Garissa. Route: Within Kenya. (KRW118, 12                                      Githunguri — Nairobi ~ Machakos and back.
                      passengers).                                                                   (KAN 664 W, 16 passengers).

                                                                               ELD/R&/03/1/07        Yakub Osuran, P.O. Box 3630, Nakuru. Route:
ELD/R/03/1/02         David M. Kahandu, P.O. Box 75, Muranga.                                        Nakuru - Shabab and back. (KAJ 015 N, 16
                      Route: Muranga — Maragua — Thika ~ Nairobi.                                    passengers).
                      (KAH 541 Q, 16 passengers).                                                        .                         .
                                                                               ELD/R/O3/1/08         Kwik Spares and General Supplies. P.O. Box
                                                                                                     33500,Nairohi Route: Within Kenya (KAQ 634
ELD/R/03/1/03         Moses N. Mwangi, P.O. Box 1839. Nyahururu.                                      D, lorry).
                      Route: Nairobi — Maralal — Of Kalou ~ Gilgil —
                      and back. (KAQ 217 L, 16 passengers).                    ELD/R/03/1/09         James Kagita Momanyi, P.O. Box 30083,
                                                                           |                         Nairobi. Route: Nairobi — Nakuru ~— Eldoret and
ELD/R/03/1/04         Al-Malik Bros. S. M.Gachogu, P.O. Box 382,                                     back. (KAN 060 Y. 9 passengers).

                      Ol Kalou. Route: Nairobi ~ Maralal ~ Gilgil -            ELD/R/03/1/10         Dennis Muchiri Njeru, P.O.          Box 61204.
                      Nyahururu — and back. (KAN 329 B).                                             Nairobi. Route: City - Centre Jogoo-and back.
                                                                                                     (KAM 368 K).
ELD/R/Q3/1/05         Moses N. Mwangi, P.O. Box 1839, Nyahururu.
                      Route: Nairobi - Maralal — Nyahururu —                   ELD/R/Q3/I/11          Dickson M. Mbugua. P.O. Box 45286, Nairobi.
                      Olkalou — Gilgil — and back. (KAQ 2I6L, 16                                     Route: Nairobi — Ongata — Rongai and back.
                      passengers).                                                                   (KAB 830 T. 25 passengers).


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