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17 April 2003

Kenya Government Gazette dated 2003-04-17 number 45

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             THE KENYA GAZETTE              Published by Authority of the Republic of Kenya

                                                     (Registered as a Newspaperat the G.P.O.)

Vol. CV-—No. 45                                   NAIROBI, 17th April, 2003                                                       Price Sh. 40

GAZETTE NOTICE NO. 2700                                       -                 2, In the performance of its functions, the task force—

 TASK FORCE ON PUBLIC COLLECTIONS OR “HARAMBEES”                                (a) shall hold such number of meetings in such places and at such
                            APPOINTMENT                                             times as the task force shall consider necessary for the proper
                                                                                    discharge ofits functions;
   IT IS notified for the general information of the public that the
Minister for Justice and Constitutional Affairs has appointed a task            () shall receive views from members of the public and receive
force consisting of the following—                                                  oral and/or written submissions from any person with relevant
   Koigi wa Wamwere—(Chairperson),
   Monica Mutuku—( Vice-Chairperson),                                           (c) may use official reports of any previous investigations relevant
                                                                                    to its mandate;
                                                                                (d) may carry out or cause to be carried out such studies or
   Justin Muturi,                                                                   researches as may inform thetask force on its mandate.
   The PermanentSecretary of the Ministry responsible for Provincial
       Administration or his representative,                                   3. The task force shall execute its mandate with all diligence and
   George Nyamweya,                                                         speed and shall Submit its report to the Minister not later than the 31st
   Mwalimu Mati,                                                            August, ned
   Albert M. Mbungu,
                                                                                4. The sectetariat of the task force shall be based at the offices of
   Abdulaziz Mwendia,
   Gaciku Kangari,
                                                                            the Standing Committee on Human Rights, N.S.S.F. Building, Block
   Gideon Mutiso (Prof.),                                                   “A”, 9th Floor, Nairobi. Submissions from the public can be addressed
   James Orengo,                                                            to the Secretary, Task Force on Public Collections or “Harambees”,
   Gervase B. K. Akhaabi,                                                   Standing Committee on HumanRights, Block “A”, 9th Floor, N.S.S.F.
 ~ JacobHaji,                                                               Building, P.O. Box 74359, Nairobi.
   Kagwiria Mbogori,
                                                                                 5, Subject to the foregoing paragraphs, the task force shallhaveall
   Ezekiel Abang—(Secretary).
                                                                             the powers necessary or expedient for the proper execution ofits
Termsof reference:                                                           mandate, including the powerto regulate its own procedure.

    1. The termsofreference of the task force are—                              Dated the 16th April, 2003.
    (a) to investigate the origins, relevance and impact of public                                                       KIRAITU MURUNGI,
        collections (popularly known as “harambees”) in the Kenyan                                    Ministerfor Justice and ConstitutionalAffairs.
                                                                             GAZETTE NOTICE NO. 2701
    (b) to investigate the nature, forms and linkages of corruption,
        extortion and other abuses of “harambees”;                                TASK FORCE ON THE ESTABLISHMENTOF A TRUTH,
                                                                                     JUSTICE AND RECONCILIATION COMMISSION
    (c) to makepolicy and legislative proposals for the introduction of                                  APPOINTMENT
       transparency and accountability in “harambees” in order to
       preventtheir abuse;                                                       IT 1S notified for the general information of the public that the
                                                                             Minister for Justice and Constitutional Affairs has appointed a task
    (d) to review the Public Collections Act (Cap. 106) with a view to       force consisting of the following—
        institutionalizing philanthropy, charities, and endowment funds
        in Kenya;                                                               Makau Mutua (Prof.)—(Chairperson),
                                                                                Timothy Njoya (Rev.) (Dr.)—( Vice-Chairperson),
    (e) to make recommendations as to the nature of “harambees” in
        Kenya; and                                                           Menibers:

    (f) to make any further recommendations incidental to the                   Mutava Musyimi (Rev.),
        foregoing,                                                              Zablon Nthamburi (Bishop) (Prof.),
                                                                                Patrick M. Rukenya (Rev.),
and to make a report ofit’s findings to the Minister for Justice and            The Permanent Secretary responsible for Governance and Ethics or
Constitutional Affairs.                                                             his representative,

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