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9 May 2003

Kenya Government Gazette dated 2003-05-09 number 52

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               THE KENYA
                      yA GAZETTE
                                          Published by Authority of the Republic of Kenya

                                                   (Registered as a Newspaper at the G.P.O.)

Vol. CV—No. 52                                    NAIROBI, 9th May, 2003                                                           Price Sh. 40

GAZETTE NOTICE NO. 3080                                                          transport (ports, inland waterways, ferry services, shipping)
                                                                                 and non-motorised transport;
                                                                              (b) to analyse the existing transport sub-sector policies and
                                                                                  recommend on how they can be harmonized,
   IT 1S notified for the general information of the public that the
                                                                              (c) to review the; adequacy of different modes of transport as they
Minister for Transport ant Communications has appointed a
                                                                                  relate to one another and make policy recommendations on
Committee to prepare a National Transport Policy consisting of the
                                                                                  their integration;
                                                                              (d) to review the operations, laws and institutions in the transport
   Heron Oluoch—( Chairman),
                                                                              (e) to make policy recommendations forthe effective enforcement
   Salim P- Ndemo.                                                                and compliance with regulations and laws governing the
   Mary K. M’Mukindia (Mrs.),                                                     transport sector:
   David N. Njoroge,
   Kenneth Ogembo Otieno,                                                     (f) to review urbanandrural transport system;
   Silvester Kasuku,                                                          (g) identify existing problems constraints or hindrances affecting
   Nancy Karigithu (Mrs. ),
                                                                                  efficiency ofservice delivery in the transport sector,
   Patrick Hovi (Eng.),
   Hudson Wanguhu Kihumba (Eng. )s                                            (i) to make policy recommendations which will effectively
   Tom Mark Mboya,                                                                address existing problems and constraints which hinder the
   John Tito,                                                                     efficient service delivery in the transport sector,
   Alex Kabuga,
   Stephen Mwaura Nduati,                                                     (i) to consider and make policy recommendations on any other
   Dickson Mbugua,                                                                relevant matter under the transport sector:
   Tarzan Ikama,
   Charles Kombo,                                                             In the performance ofthe functions the Committee—
   Mary B. Alusiola (Mrs.),
                                                                              (a@) shall hoid such number of meetings in such places and at such
   Alfred P. Mutwana,
                                                                                   times as the Committee shall consider necessary for the proper
   Daniel Kebenei,
                                                                                   dischargeof its functions:
   Charles Mukungi,
   Peter M. Kamwere,                                                          (b) shal! receive views from members of the public and receive
   Nakhali Wa Opembe,                                                             ora) and/or written submissions from any person with relevant
   Cosmas Ngeso,                                                                  information:
                                                                                                                     bs            .
   James Kimuyu,
   Charles N. Kimemia,                                                        (c) may use official reports of any previous investigations relevant
   Rosemary Njonge (Ms.),                                                         to ils mandate:
    Melissa Musoma(Mrs.),
                                                                              (d) may carry out or cause to be carried out such studies or
    Wilson Okanga,
                                                                                  researches as may inform the Committec on its mandate.
    Eric Aligula Magolo (Dr.),
    Consolata Muriuki (Mrs.),                                                 The Committee shall execute its mandate with all diligence and
                                                                           speed and shall submit its report to the Ministernot later than the 2nd
                                                                           October, 2003.
    Samuel Helu,
                                                                              The secretariat of the Committee shall be based at the Ministry of
    Paul K. Kingori,
                                                                           Transport and Communications House. Second Floor, Office No. 227.
    David Ochieng,
    James Keya.                                                                Subject to the foregoing paragraphs, the Committee shall have all
    Joshua Mwiranga,                                                       the powers necessary or expedient forithe proper execution of the
    Abraham O. Ondeng,                                                     mandate. including the power to regulate its own procedure.
    Mercy Awort (Mrs.),

Terms of reference:                                                            Dated the 6th May. 2003.
   The terms of reference of the Committee are—
                                                                                                                               J.N. MICHUKI,
   (a) to review the existing policies in the various transport sub-                                   Minister for Transport and Conmunications.
       sectors which include railways, air transport, maritime

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