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7 November 2003

Kenya Government Gazette dated 2003-11-07 number 112

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              THE KENYA GAZETTE              Published by Authority of the Republic of Kenya

                                                     (Registered as a Newspaperat the G.P.O.)

Vol. CV—No. 112                                    NAIROBI,7th November, 2003                                                                    Price Sh. 40

GAZETTE NOTICE NO. 7940                                                                   -(e)         The Secretary, Public Service Commission ‘or his
                                                                                               '       designated alternate, not being below the level of an
                 THE CONSTITUTION OF KENYA                                                             Under Secretary;
                                                                                              ()       The Inspector-General, State Corporations or his
              APPOINTMENT OF MEMBERSOF THE PUBLIC                                         ‘            designated alternate, not being below the level of an
                      SERVICE COMMISSION                                                               UnderSecretary;
        IN EXERCISEof the powers conferred by section 106 (2) of                              (g)      A representative from the Disciplined Services nominated
the Constitution of Kenya, I, Mwai Kibaki, President and Commander-                                    by the Chief of General Staff of the Armed Forces of
in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kenya, appoint—                                        Kenya, and not being below the rank ofa Brigadier;
                                                                                              (ht)     A representative of the public universities, not being
   G. L. M. Nzioka,                                                                                    below the level of Deputy Vice-Chancellor, nominated by
   P. M. Munene,                                                                                       the Minister for Education; and:
   Kassim M.Riga,                                                                             (i)      The following personsto representthe private sector—
   Peter Ndemo,
   Rosemary A. Nyanjom (Mrs.),                                                                               Josphat Mureithi Mutugi,
   Stephen L. ole Mpesha,                                                                                    Geoffrey Aggrey Yonah Orao-Obura; and
   Mary M.Gikuri (Mrs.),                                                                                     John Karimi Njiraini,
                                                                               Mark Kipkemoi Bor—{Secretary of the Board).
to be membersof the Public Service Commission of Kenya,for a
period of three (3) years.                                                     1. The functions of the Board shail be to—

            Dated the 6th November, 2003.                                      (a}                 continuously review the remuneration of persois rr the
                                                                                                   public service and to make recommendations to the
                                                     MWAIKIBAKI,                                   Government on the harmonization of remuneration in the
                                                         President.                                entire public sector;

                                                                               (b)                 collect, collate and analyse information related to such
GAZETTE NOTICE NO, 7941                                                                            matters as cost of living, housing, and principles behind
                                                                                                   paymentof certain allowances;
                   OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT
            APPOINTMENTOF A PERMANENTPUBLIC SERVICE                            (c)             study trends in remuneration pertaining to theprivate sector
                   REMUNERATION REVIEW BOARD                                                   with a view to recommending ways of closing the gap
                                                                                               betweenthe private sector and the public sector;
       IT IS NOTIFIED for general information that His Excellency,
                                                                                    (d)            undertake studies on factors affecting attraction and retention
Mwai Kibaki, President and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed
                                                                                ,                  of staff in the public sector;
Forces of the Republic of Kenya, has appointed'a Permanent Public
Service Remuneration Review Board comprising ofthe following:                       (e)            liase with the relevant organs of Governmentto ensure that
                                                                                                   adequate budgetary provision is made for remuneration for
   Gaylord E. Avedi—{Chairman).
                                                                                                   public servants;
                                                                                    (f)            submit annual reports to Government on public sector
      (a)    The Permanent Secretary, Secretary to the Cabinet and                                 remuneration; and
             Headof the Public Service or his designated alternate, not
             being below the level of a Deputy Secretary;                           (g)            carry out such other functions as may, from time to time, be
      (b)    The Permanent Secretary/Director of Personnel.                                        deemed necessary by the Governmentin the performance of
             Managementorhis designated alternate, not being below                                 its functions.                            :
             the level of an Under Secretary;
      (c)    The Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Finance or his            2. In the performance ofits functions, the Board—
             designated alternate, not being below the level of an                  (a)         shall hold such number of meetings in such places and at
             Under Secretary;
                                                                                              : such times as the Board shall consider necessary for the
      (d)    The Attorney-Generalor his representative;                                         proper dischargeofits functions;


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