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28 May 2004

Kenya Government Gazette dated 2004-05-28 number 48

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                                               Published by Authority ofthe Republic of Kenya

                                                       (Registered as a Newspaperat the G.P.O.)

Vol. CVI—No. 48                            |        NAIROBI,28th May, 2004                                                             Price Sh, 40

GAZETTE NOTICE No. 4424                                                       The Functions of the Commnittce shall be to—-
                                                                              (a) establish a framework for a nationwide campaign against
           :       COMMITTEE
              APPOINTMENT OF COMMITTEE MEMBERS                                (h) effect fundamental changes in theattitudes of Kenyans towards
   IT IS notified that His Excellency Hon. Mwai Kibaki, President
and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the Republic of                 (c) identify strategic stakeholders and develop a mechanism for
Kenya has established a Committee to be known as the National Anti-               their effective co-operation and involvement in effecting
Corruption Campaign Steering Committee (hereinafter referred to as                  changes in popular perceptions about corruption;
“the Committee} comprising of thefollowing:                                   (d) mobilize stakeholdersacross aif sectors and the general public
    Mutava Musyimi (Rey, (Chairman); ;                                            t evolve a strong anti-corruption culture and to participate in
    Gladwell Otiena (Ms.)---( Vice-Chairman),                                       the fight against cormption;
    John Githongo:              :                                             te) provide a framework for raising public awareness and
    Lisa Karanja (Ms.):
                                                                                  advocacy by key Stakeholders in public and private institutions
    James Ongwae,                                                                 and the society in general;
    Wachira Waruru:
    Gidéon Mutua;                                                             ¢f    develop and conduct programmes creating a strong anti-

    Karuti Kanyinga (Dr.);                                                          corruption culture and strengthening the fight against
    Rose Arungu-Olende (Ms.):                                                       corruption;
    FatumaSichale (Ms.);
    Alimed Abdalla;                                                           (a) develop indices. for regular monitoring and evaluation of the
    Tom Mshindi:                                                                  anti-corruption campaign and publicly report on the progress
    Rhoda Wanja Thairu (Dr.).                                                       madé in the fight against corruption, attitude change and in
    John Munuve;                                                                   ” building a mature anti-corruption culture:
    Lawrence Gikaru;
                                                                              (h) identify and facilitate mobilization of resources to achievethe
     Betty Maina (Ms.}:
                                                                                  goals and objectives of the campaign;
     Adan Wacliu,
      Vincent Wambugu (Rev., Fr.):                                             (i) Carry out such other functions as may be necessary or
      Ibrahim Omoandi (Rev.}:                                                        incidental to the success of the campaign.
    . Shashikant K. Raval;
                                                                               In the performanceofits functions the Committee---
      Francis M. Nganga:
      Hassan Sheikh Ali;                                                       (#) shall be responsible to His Excelleney the President as the
      John Muriithi;                                                                 Patron and Head of Government:
      Koki Muti (Ms. ):
      Kimaiyo arap Sego;                                                       (b) shall work closely with the Kenya Anti-Corruption
      Kamla Sikand (Mrs.);                                                         Commission and the Kenya Anti-Corruption Advisory Board
     Sophia Lepuchriti (Ms.):                                                      established under the Anti-Corruption and Economic Crimes
     Bishop Eliud Wabukala;                                                        Act, 2003.
     Lucas Mbaya;
     Fred Matiangi (Dr.);                                                      (¢) shail prepare quatterly reports for His Excellencythe President,
     Dabar Abdi Maalim (Dr.                                                    (d) shat] hold such number of meetings in such places and at such
     Joy Asiema (Ms.);                                                               times as the Committee shall consider necessary for the proper
     The Permanent Secretary; Ministry of Justice and Constitutional                 discharge ofits functions:        :
         Affairs; and
     The Director appointed under paragraph 5.                                 fe) mayuse
                                                                                      2     official reports of any | previous lavestigations
                                                                                                                                      =       relevant
                                                                                   iotix mandate;
     All members of the Committee except the Director shall hold
 office for a period offive (5) years and shall then retire, but shall be      (f) may carry out or cause Ww be carried Out such studies or
 eligible for re-appointmentfor one further term of five (5) years.                research as mayinform the Commnittee of its mandate:

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