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10 June 2004

Kenya Government Gazette dated 2004-06-10 number 59

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             THE KENYA GAZETTE
                                             Published by Authority of the Republic of Kenya

                                                     (Registered as a Newspaperat the G.P.O.)

Vol. CVI—No. 59                                    NAIROBL,2ndJuly, 2004                                                          Price Sh. 40
Gazette Norice No, 5095                                                        (d) no container shall bear a seal affixed by the customs unless
                                                                                   the proper officer is satisfied that the goods declared to be
               THE CUSTOMS AND EXCISE ACT                                          stacked in the containerare actually stacked therein;
                             (Cap. 472)
                                                                               (e) no goods shall be deemed to have been exported by virtue of
     CONDITIONS FOR CONSOLIDATION OF CARGO IN TRANSIT SHEDS                        their having been deposited for consolidation in a transit shed;
   IN EXERCISE of the powers conferred by Section 9 (2) of the                 (f) the goods shall be manifested separately;
Customs and Excise Act, the Commissioner of Customs and Excise
                                                                               (g)no goods: shall be entered        for transit   outwards   unless
prescribes. the conditions set out in the Schedule as the minimum
requirements for the consolidation of cargo in a transit shed:                     previously manifested as such.
                                                                             . inthe case of transit. inwards—

1.. Any operator wishing to undertake consolidation of unentered               (a) goods for inland transit may be consolidated in one or more
                                                                                   containers, in an authorized place within the transit shed;
    cargo shall seek prior written permission from the Commissioner.
2. An application shall be accompanied by physical plans of the
                                                                               (b) on arrival from a foreign port, the goods shall be tallied and
                                                                                   recorded in an inward rotation register;
   premises setting out the separate and distinct areas where the
   consolidation shall be carriedout within the transit shed;                  (c) the landing contractor shall hand a copy of the port release
                                                                                  documents to the proper officer;
3. In the case of export cargo—
   (a) goods destined for export shall be brought to the transit shed          (dj the details of the rotation register and the port release
       for consolidation and containerization;             oo.                     document shalt tally with the details of the house manifest;

   (b) the cargo shall be containerized under customs supervision              (e) goods destined to different consignees in the foreign country
       and the container shall have a customsseal affixed thereon,                of destination may be grouped and stacked in one container
                                                                                  provided that each consignmentis entered separately;
   (c) in the case of sea freight, the container and seal numbers shall
       be endorsed on the customsentries;                                      (f) no goods shall be entered for transit inwards unless previously
                                                                                   manifested as such; and
  . (d) the cargo shall be exported through the authorized exit point
      or the port;                                                             (g) goods for transit shall be containerized and conveyed in
                                                                                  vehicles licensed for that purpose andfitted with an approved
   (e} the goods shall be manifested separately.                                  electronic tracking device.                            ,
4. In the case oftransit outwards—
                                                                             . An operator of a transit shed who has been authorized to carry
   (a} goods for transit outwards may be consolidated in one                   out consolidation of cargo in an authorized area shall submit a
       container at an authorized place within the transit shed;               monthly return showing the goods received in and delivered from
                                                                               the transit shed.
   (b) on arrival at the authorized place, all transit goods shall be
       tallied and reported to the proper officer;
                                                                              Made on the 10th June 2004.
   (c) goods destined. to different consignees at a foreign port of            m                                       F, M. THURANIRA,
      destination may be consolidated in one container provided that                                          Commissioner of Customs & Excise.
      each consignment is entered separately;

                                          PRINTED AND PUBLISHED BY THE GOVERNMENTPRINTER, NAIROBI
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