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24 September 2004

Kenya Government Gazette dated 2004-09-24 number 83

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               THE KENYA GAZETTE
                                              Published by Authority of the Republic of Kenya

                                                      (Registered as a Newspaperat the G.P.O.)

Vol. CVI—No. 83                                     NAIROBI, 24th September, 2004                                                     Price Sh. 40

GAZETTE NOTICE No. 7702                                                ,                :

                                                       ‘THE TRANSPORT LICENSING ACT
                                                                      (Cap. 404)


    THE undermentioned application will be considered by the Transport Licensing Board at Mombasa Koblenze Hall, on the following days:

    Monday, 27th September, 2004 — from MOMBASA/R/04/1/01 to MOMBASA/R/04/1/28.
    Tuesday, 28th September, 2004 — from MOMBASA/B/04/1/29 to MOMBASA/B/04/1/10.
  ’ Wednesday, 29th September, 2004.
    Thursday, 30th September, 2004         } to consider deferred cases and renewals for the year 2004.
    Friday, ist October, 2004.

    Every objection in respect of an application shall be lodged with licensing authority and the District Commissionerof the District in which such
an application is to be heard and a copy therefore shall be sent to the applicant not less than seven days before the date of the meeting at which such
an application is to be heard. Objections receivedlater will not be considered except where otherwise stated that the applications are for onevehicle.

    Applicants who are Kenya, Tanzania or Ugandacitizens of non—African origin must producetheir certificates or any other documentary proof of
their citizenship.

    Applicants whofail to attend the above meeting as per requirement of this notice, without a reasonable cause, will have their application refused
and should therefore, not expect further communications from the Board.

                                                                 ROAD SERVICE LICENCES

 MS/R04/3/01            S. G. Maina, P.O. Box 88, Muranga. Route:               MS/R/04/3/08              E. H. Sharif, P.O. Box 35, Sultan Hamud.
                        Nairobi — Thika — Muranga — Nyeri ~ Mugoiri                                       Route: Nairobi ~ Mtito Andei and back. (KAS
                        and back. (KAS 659N,14P).                                                         928P, 14P).
 MS/R/04/3/02           M. K. Mwaiti, P.O. Box 53131 - 00200,                                                          .               144, Burub
                        Nairobi. Route: Langata — Nairobi and                   MS/R/04/3/09              A. C. Wachira, P.O. Box          6 uruburu.
                                                                                                          Route: Nairobi — Nyeri —    Nanyuki and       back.
                        back.(KAS 640R 14P).
                                                                                                          (KAS833N, {4P).
 MS/R/04/3/03           M. G. Hussein, P.O. Box 74, Uthiru. Route:                                                                                       /

                        Githural Nairobi and back, (KAS 496M)
                         i    i—    Nairobi and back. 4      .
                                                                                MS/R/04/3/10              Auto Selection Limited, P.O. Box 189, Maua.

 MS/R/04/3/04           N. M. Rinitari, P.O. Box 1241, Embu. Route:                                       Route: Meru — Maua — Nairobi and back. (KAS
                        Maua — Meru — Chuka — Nairobi and back.                                           029R,14P).
 MS/R/04/3/05           Bolpak. Trading Limited, P.O. Box 43096,                MS/R/04/3/1 1             S. M. Kinuthia, P.O. Box 51210 -— 00200,
                        Mombasa, Route: Nyeri — Karatina — Nairobi                                        Nairobi Route: Nairobi — Meru and back. KAS
                        and back. (KAS 078R,14P).                                                   ~ 062Q,26P).
 MS/R/04/3/06           S. Maina. P.O. Box 22210, Nairobi. Route: -             MS/R/04/3/12              Auto Selection (K) Limited, P.O. Box 60930,
                        Embasakasi — Jogoo Road — Nairobi and back.                                       Nairobi. Route: Nairobi — Karen — Ngong and
                        (KAS 597P, 14P).                                                                  back. (KAS 637A, 14P).
 MS/R/04/3/07           J. Choke, P.O. Box 15573 -- 00100, Nairobi. _           MS/R/04/3/13              Jessikay Enterprises Limited, P.O. Box 40814,
                        Route: Town — Eastleigh and back. (KAS                                            Mombasa. Route: Nairobi — Embu — Meru and
                        809W, 14P).                                                                       back. (KAS 175P, 14P).                    :
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