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14 January 2005

Kenya Government Gazette dated 2005-01-14 number 3

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             i     AVR ban ae

              DEA CMA M

             THE KENYA GAZETTE
                                            Published by Authority of the Republic of Kenya

                                                     (Registered as a Newspaperat the G.P.O.)

Vol. CVII—No. 3                                    NAIROBI,14th January, 2005                                                  Price Sh. 40


                       GAZETTENOTICES                                                               GAZETTE NOTICES—{Contd.)
                                                                PAGE                    .       .                                      PAGE
The State Corporations Act—Appointment0 of Board                            The Civil Aviation ActApplications for Variation or
 Members...      tee                         sees                  44         Issue of Air Service Licences .. .                          77
The Water Act—Appointment of|Board Members..                       44       The. Physical panning Aet—-Completion of Part
The Exchequer and Audit Act—Appointment of                                    DevelopmentPlans..             ‘      Monte en teen         78
 Chairmanof the Ministerial Tender Committee .. .. ..              44       The Companies Act—Winding-up..             cee oe             8
The Registration of Titles Act—issue of a Provisional               ,       The Environmental Management aa nd1 Co-ordination
 Certificate...                                                    44        Act--Environmental Tmpact Assessment Study                       :
The Registered Land Act—Issue ofNew LandTitle                                 Report...                                                78-19
 Deeds .                                                       44-49        The Kenya Airports Authority—General Public
                                                                                                                    P   Notice..          719
The Customs and Excise
                     ¢ Department—Goods Held ii n                           Revocation.of Special Power of Attomey.. .                    79
 the Customs Warehouse, Kilindint oe                           49-52        The Kenya Power and Lighting Company
Probate and Administration ..       fete ete eae               53-75          LimitedForeign Exchange Fluctuation Adjustment,
The Anti-Corruption and Economic Crimes                                       ete. ..       wee ae ns            Hone ae              79—-80
 Act—Quarterly Reportfo
                      for Period 1st October to 31st                        Loss of Policies fe ce eee tee ne tae nn ge ote as        80-—81
 December, 2004 .                    tome ne ae ne one on          76       Change of Names... eo. cece ce te ee ee                       81


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