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11 February 2005

Kenya Government Gazette dated 2005-02-11 number 11

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                               THE KENYA GAZETTE .
                                                            Published by Authority of the Republic of Kenya

                                                                    (Registered asa Newspaperat the G.P.O.)

                 Vol:CVIT—No. 11                             :    NAIROBI, tith February, 2005                                                          Price Sh. 40


                                       GAZETTE NOTICES                                                              GAZETTE NOTICES—(Contd,)
                                                                                  PAGE                                                                          PAGE
                 The   State   potporations   Act—Appointment of                              The Local Government Act—Election of Local
                  Chairmen, tc... ee eee        ccc cee   ee once           208-209             Government Councillor, etc...                                     237
                 The Registration of
                                  0 Titles Act—Issue of Provisional           :               The    Physical      Planning     Act—Compietion           of
                  Certificates, etC. 0 ce ce nee te cee                            209          DevelopmentPlans, ete... we                                   237-238
                 The Registered Land Act—Issue of New Land Title                              The Companies Act-—-Winding-up, etc... wwe es                   238-239
                  Deeds, et... ee eee ce ce cee oe re ne aes                209-211
                                                                                              The: Kenya Communications Act—Application for
                 The Land Acquisition Act—Intention to Acquire Land,                      ©     Licences 2. ce cece ce ce ee ee cee ce te te tne ne te tens   239-240
                  CE ce ee te nee tee oe                                    212-213                                         :
                                                                                              Business Transfer... 0. 0. ce ce ce ee ee te ce tee es              240
                 The Customs and Excise Department—Sale by Public
                  AUCHION, CLC. oe cee ce te ce ne         eee te           213-217           Disposal of Uncollected Goods... 0... 6 tee                     240-241

                 Probate and Administration . 0.0. cee ee                   217-236           Closure of Roads... 0. ee ce ee ee ce ts                            241
                 The National Assembly and Presidential Elections                             Loss of Policy... ese cose ce ce sue te nn es                       241
                  Act—Suspension of Registration of Electors or                                                           .
                  Revision of the Register of Electors, etc... .... + .            237        Change of Names cece en                                             241

               cee ee mI       set    cermin eT   ee


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