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16 February 2005

Kenya Government Gazette dated 2005-02-16 number 12

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                    SPECIAL ISSUE

                          THE KENYA GAZETTE
                                              Published by Authority of the Republic of Kenya

                                                     (Registered as a Newspaperat the G.P.O.)

                    Vol. CVII—No.12                NAIROBI,16th February, 2005                         oo       Price Sh. 40

                                       GAZETTE NOTICE No. 994

                                                        THE CONSTITUTION OF KENYA .
                _                            APPOINTMENTOF COUNSEL TO ASSIST-THE TRIBUNAL TO
               A                            INVESTIGATE THE CONDUCTOF THE PUISNE JUDGES, DANIEL
                                                K. S. AGANYANYA, TOM MBALUTO, A. MBOGHOLI
                                              MSAGHA, ROSELYN NAMBUYEAND J. V. ODERO JUMA

                                           IN EXERCISEof the powers conferred by sections 62 (5) and (6)
                                       of the Constitution of Kenya, 1, Mwai Kibaki, President and
                                       Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kenya,
                                       appoint-—       ‘           :                           :

                                           Horace Nyapinda Okumu,
                                           Joseph Gitonga M’Limbine,

                                      ‘as counselto assist the Tribunal appointed* to investigate the conduct
                                       of the Puisne Judges, Daniel K. S. Aganyanya, Tom Mbaluto, A.
                                       Mbogholi Msagha, Roselyn Nambuye and J. V. Odero Juma, with
                                       effect from the 13th January, 2005, and revokes the appointment of
                                       Philip Kipchirchir Murgort.
                                          Gazette Notice No. 296 of 2005, is revoked.

                                           Dated the 15th February, 2005.
                                                              .                         MWAI KIBAKI,

                                                         *G.N. 8829/2003. +G.N, 378/2004.

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