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11 March 2005

Kenya Government Gazette dated 2005-03-11 number 18

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             THE KENYA GAZETTE                Published by Authority of the Republic of Kenya

                                                      (Registered as a Newspaperat the G,P.O.)

Vol. CVII—No.18                                    NAIROBI,11th March, 2005                                                         _ Price Sh. 40


                          GAZETTE NOTICES                                                         GAZETTE NOTICES—(Contd.)                                      .
  .                                                               PAGE                                                                          PAGE
The   Kenya    Post    ‘Office  Savings Bank                                  The Physical Planners Registration Act—Registered
 Act-—Appointment of Member... 0.00 ee                              408        Physical Planners 2... ok ee ce ce                             451-452

The Capital Markets Act—Appointment of Chairman ..                  408       The Physical Planning Act—Completion of Part
       :             :            :                                            DevelopmentPlans, etc.            bene ee ve cee ae ee a one   452-455 —~
The Retirement Benefits Act--Appointment of
 Members 00 oe ec eects te te ede ee cee te ae                      408       The National Assembly and Presidential Elections
           :                        Lo                                          Act—Revocation of Appointment of Assistant                       ’
The Regulation of Wages and Conditions of                                       Registration Officers...                                             455
 Employment Act—Appointment of Members.......... ..                 408                                           :
                                          .                                   The Companies Act—Appointment of Liquidator and                               \
The Local. Government Act—~Revocation of                                        Creditors’ Voluntary Winding-up, etc... 0...                  455-456
  Nomination of Councillors, etc... 00 ee                           408
       .          .                                                           The Factories and Other Places of Work (First Aid)
The Rating Act—Site Value Rate, ete... 0...                         409         Rules, 1977—List of Approved Training Institutions..            456
The Valuation for Rating Act--Declaration, A                        409       The Environmental Management and Co-ordination
The State Corporations Act-~Appointment     ofDirectors.            409         Act—-Environnental Impact Assessment Study
             P        .         Ppommment        mecrors                        56)0)0)5 a                                                    456-457
The Magistrates’ Courts Act-—Increase of Limit             of                                                                      —
 Turisdiction celeb eee eee bbb be bs ms                            409       Local Government Notice... 0. cc ees                                   457
The Law of Succession Act—Appointment.... 0... ..                   409       Disposal of Uncollected Goods... oe ee                                 457
The     Oaths      and     Statutory      Declarations                        Change of Names fee ee te ee be ee ne ree ee ne ten                    457

 Act—Commissions 2. ...0.00. cc eee ee ee ee                        410-

The Court of Appeal—-Easter Vacation, 2005... .... ..               4il                               SUPPLEMENTNo. 8
         ,     .      .                 :     .                                                       Legislative Supplement
The Registration of Titles Act—Issue of Provisional
 Certificates, et... ce ke cee tee ce eee ceeee                 411-412       LEGAL NOTICE NO.                                                  PAGE
The Registered Land Act—Issue of New Land Title                                   10—The Kenya Film Commission Order, 2005. .. ..                    173
  Deeds, C0... cee ne ce tee te eee ce ee ee ee                 412-417           11-12—The Registered Land Application (Nos. 14
The     Public’      Service       Commission         of                              and 15) Order, 2004
 Kenya—Administrative Officers Examination, May,
 2004—Results, CIC                                              417-420                               SUPPLEMENTNo.9

Probate and Administration vee ee ete nae ne                    420-446                                     Bills, 2005

TheSocieties Rules—Registration... 0                            447-449                                                                         PAGE
The   African     Christian   Marriage    and   Divorce              .               i
                                                                              The National     i Security
                                                                                           Social      i Pensions
                                                                                                             i            ill, 2005...
                                                                                                                  Trust Bill,     2005.                1!
 Act—Ministers Licensed to Celebrate Marriages .. .. ..         449-45]                 (Published as Special Issue on 8th March, 2005),


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