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18 March 2005

Kenya Government Gazette dated 2005-03-18 number 20

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              THE KENYA GAZETTE               Published by Authority of the Republic of Kenya
                                                         (Registered as a Newspaperat the G.P.O.)

  Vol. CVII—No. 20                                            NAIROBI, 18th March, 2005                                                       Price Sh. 40.

                            GAZETTE NOTICES                                                           GAZETTE NOTICES—(Contd.)
                                                                     PAGE                                                                                - PAGE
The Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances.                                  Nullification of Hati ya MasomoCertificates...                             516
 (Control) Act—Designation of Analysts...                             468        Transfer of Business..             vee ee te ee te nena ae ae ae           516
TheStandards Act—Appointmentof Inspectors.                            468         Disposal of Uncollected Goods .2.. 06 ee cee ee oe                        516
The Electric
 Power       Power Licences...
        Production Act—Proposed Grants
                                .. of   Electric
                                       en.                            469                    + a3 0.0.0. ce kc ce ee ce tee cee ee wos
                                                                                 Loss Of Policies                                                       516-517
The Valuation for Rating Act—Declaration, ete... .              469-470           Change of Names 0.0.0 0 ck eee tne oe teen eect cee ee                    517

The Rating Act—Site Value Rate, etc... ae                             470
The Magistrates’ Courts Act—Increase of Limit of                                                          SUPPLEMEN!No. 10
 Jurisdiction.               we                      .                470                                 Legislative Supplement '
The Law of Succession Act—-Appointment                                470         LEGAL NOTICE NO.                                                         PAGE
The Children Act—Appointment..-.                                      470              {3—The Customsand Excise (Duty Remission)
The     Oaths      and       Statutory.     Declarations                                 Order, 2005..              went sete age ess                       m7
 Act-—Commissions teehee oe ae te ee te te te ee te ene         470-471                14—The Value Added Taxx (Remission)<Order,
Liquor Licensing 0.0... ee                                      471-472                   2005            .                                                 178
The Registration of.
                  0 Titles Act—Issue of Provisional                                    15—The Hotels and Restaurants (Amendmentto
 Certificates, etc. .                                                 472                 the Fourth Schedule) Order, 2005 .. 0...                          179
The Registered Land Act—Issue of New Land Title                                       16—The Hotels and Restaurants (Amendment).
 Deeds,etc, .                                wet                472-475                   Regulations, 2005 00.0 a ee                                       181
The Customs and Excise
                     Se Depainent—Sl wy Public                   .                     {7-—-The National Hospital Insurance Fund
 Auction ..             ”                      ”                475-476                   (cereditation) (Amendment) Regulations,
The Miying AitApplication for Special Licences .. ..                  476                 2005 .                    arn                       ce            185
Probate and Administration...                                   476-499                                                                   :
The Central Bank of Kenya—15th Monetary Poi                                                               SUPPLEMENTNo.11
 Statement. ow...                ee                             500-509                                             Bills, 2005
The   Physical      Planning      Act—Completon          of                       °                             ,                                         ‘PAGE
 Development Plan ..             te   ues      dene tn anos           510     +The Constitution of Kenya (Amendment) (No. ‘DB
The Companies Act—Winding-vp, ete                               510-512                  2005..           .                                                  a
The Bankruptcy Act—First Creditors Meeting .. ..... ..                312 _
The Registration of Business Names Act—Cancellation                                                           SPECIAL NOTICE
 of Namein theNeRealiorBisinessNames...                               312             AS Friday, 25th March, 2005, will be a public holiday,the issue of
Local Government Notices... ..        a        vee              512-514           the Kenya Gazette which should have been published on thatday will
The Kenya Power and         Lighting    Company                                   now be published on Thursday, 24th March, 2005.
  Limited—Foreign Exchange Fluctuation Adjustment,                                                                               5. 0. OKUBASU,
 CIC ee a ee                                                         ~ 515                                                                    GovernmentPrinter.

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