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15 April 2005

Kenya Government Gazette dated 2005-04-15 number 25

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                                                                      Published by. Authority of the Republic of Kenya

                                                                                  (Registered as a Newspaper at the G.P.O.)

  Vol. CVII~No. 25                                                            NAIROBI, 15th April, 2005.                                                                                Price Sh. 40


                                    GAZETTE NOTICES.                                                                                    GAZETTE Notices—{Contd. )
                                                    ,                                        PAGE                                                                                                 PAGE
  The State Corporations Act--Appointment of Board                                                        Local Government Notices 1.2ccseccecseccensesecednecenesenessaeee                     709~714
   Member,etc...                                                                               658        The Environmental Management and Co-ordination
  The Agriculture Act—-Appointment of Board Members .                                          658          Act—Environmental Impact Assessment Study
  The Science and Technology Act—Appointment of                                                             Report ....                                                 .                           714
    Board of Management...............cccssscsesseresrseresanerseneenees                       658        Lossof Policies                                                                          115
  The National                Cereals          and       Produce           Board                               ‘         :
    Act-—Appointmentof a Director...ctcsscccsescssseccsonseee                                  658
  The Exchequer and Audit Act—Appointment of                                                                                                SUPPLEMENT No. 24
    Chairmanof the Board-of Management,etc...                                                  659                                                   Bills, 2005
  The Sugar Act—Notice ofElections......jssessscssteoeeseesee                                  659                        _                                                       oe              PAGE,
  The Local. Government Act.Revoeation of                                                                 The Constitution of Kenya (Amendment) (No. 1) Bill,
    Appointment,ete. cc.                                                                  659, 662               ZOOS veesecereessseesssnnnnetetecceenssassssesesssenssueecesnanstsnnenseness      637
_ The Postal Corporation ‘Act--Appointment of Director..                                      659                                              a
  The Land Disputes Tribunals Act—Appointment of |
    Lad Disputes Appeals Committe......0..ccseeseeeeee                                    659-660                                           ODS 25
  The Law of Succession Act-—Appointment...                                       a            660                                                                                                PAGE
  The Children Act—-Appointment..... cecesesterennees                                          660        The National Social Security Pensions Trast Bill, 2005.                                   645
  The Magistrates’ Courts Act-—Increase of Limit of                                                                (Published as Special Issue on 12th Aprit, 2005)                                 ,
    Jurisdiction                                             ”                                 660
  The        Oaths           and        Statutory                Declarations
   ACt—COMMMISSIONS «0... eceeepeeccescsesesseenensresseanecaneeneennenseenee                  661,                                         SUPPLEMENTNo. 26
 Liquor Licensing                                                                              662                                              Bills, 2005
 The Registration of Tides Act—Issue of Provisional                                                                             :                                                                 PAGE
    Certificates......                          :                                         662-663         The Cotton (Amendment) Bill, 2005 oo.ceceseeeeersenveevaes                               67)
 The Registered Land Act—Issue of New Land Title                                                                {Published as Special Issue on 12th April, 2005)
    DOO, C00. ..csescecsecsssessssssescecseseqecssseestesesceeenrasuesneeseteseesaeae     663-666                                                                             ,
  The Customs and Excise Department—Goods Held in
   the Customs Warehouse, Kilindini........ eee                                           666-667                                           SUPPLEMENTNo.27
 The Trust Land Act—Setting Apart of Land..                                               667-668                                            Legislative Supplement
 Probate and Administration .0......cccccpcceenees                                        668-696         LEGAL NOTICE No.                                                                        PaG
  The Valuers Act—Registered Valuers,etc...                                               697-703              27—-The Banking (Exchange of Information)
  The      Estate         Agents          Act—Registered                   Estate                                     (Amendment) Regulations, 2005 0... esses                                     21
    Agents—Notification, €0C. ....ccccssssssneinsesrsensesesen                            703-705              (Published as Special Issue'on 12th April, 2005)
 The Societies Rules—Registration ..........:cseseeeeseeene                               705-707                                                                 __
 The Electric Power Act—Specific Fuel Consumption
   Adjustment                                                                                  707                              SUPPLEMENTNe. 28
 The Physical Planning Act—Compietion ‘of Part                                                                                   Legislative Supplement
   Development Pians............ccecssesessssseesseseecsessseseteseeesessees                  708         LEGAL NOTICE No,                       ee                                               Pac
 The Registration               of        Business               Names                                       28—The Public Service Commission Regulations,
  Act—Corrigendum                                                                             708               2005:                                                                              2
 The Companies act—Winding-up, €t0. .....0cccsneenees                                     708-709            (Published as Special Issue on 13th Apri}, 2005)

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