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9 December 2005

Kenya Government Gazette dated 2005-12-09 number 87

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             THE KENYA GAZETTE
                            Published by Authority of the Republic of Kenya

                                     (Registered as a Newspaperat the G.P.0.)

“row       ‘we
Vol. CVit-—No.87                  NAIROBI, 9th December, 2005                                 Price Sh.50

                     GAZETTE NOTICE No. 9964
                                   THE CONSTITUTION OF KENYA

                        1, A recommendation to ease congestion of prisoners in the Penal
                     Institutions has been made, ‘selected inmates of ‘the following
                     categories are to be released.               a

                        2. (a) Prisoners: convicted of petty or minor offences who are. of
                     good conduct and are convicted to serve sentences notexceeding six
                     (6) months.                                      :
                         (6) First offender prisoners who are of good conduct and with
                            balances of six (6) months or underto serve.
                         (c) Ordinary prisoners of good conduct with balances of six (6).
                            _ months and below to serve.
                        3. The said inmates will be those held in the Republic of Kenya
                     Fenal Institutions.              :
                       _ NOW, THEREFORE,I, Mwai Kibaki, President and Commander-
                     in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kenya, in exercise of
       ,         ,   the powers conferred upon me by section 27 of the Constitution of
                     Kenya, do grant to the said:                                                    '

                     1. Petty or minor offenders of good conduct serving
                         sentencesof six (6) months and below                     2418

                     2.First offenders who are of good conduct with a
                         balance sentenceof six (6) monthsorless to serve         3324
                     3. Ordinary prisoners of good conduct with a balance
                         sentence ofsix (6) monthsorless to serve                  318
                     GRANDTOTAL                                                   6060
                        Remission of the unexpired portion of their sentences.
                         Given under my handandthe Public Seal of Kenyaat Nairobithis _
                     5th day of December, 2005.
                                                                        MWAI KIBAKI,

                        PRINTED AND PUBLISHED BY THE GOVERNMENT PRINTER, NAIROBI                     13037

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