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7 March 2008

Kenya Government Gazette dated 2008-03-07 number 21

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                     THE KENYA GAZETTE
                                                                        Published by Authority of the Republic of Kenya

                                                                                       (Registered as a Newspaperat the G.P.O.)

Vol. CX—No.21                                                                     NAIROBI,7th March, 2008                                                                                                     Price Sh. 50


                            GAZETTE NOTICES                                                                                                                   GAZETTE NoTices—(Contd.)
                                                               ,                                                    PAGE                                                                                                PAGE
The Accountants Act—Appointmient.........sssssssssssssesesssenerees                                                  430    The Physical Planning Act—Completion of Part
                   .                           .                                                                              Development PlAMS.....cssssssssssssrsevsssssssvssrssesssssnsnscseresserseeseensessees   472-473
The State Corporations Act—Appointment........sscsssssssseens                                                         430
            ;                                                     ;               .                                         Local Government Act—Countermanded Elections,etc......                                        473
The      Anti-Coruption            and            Economic                   Crimes
  Act—APppOintemientt .....-csssoosescsesssersscsssasserapscenssssessssssracsensessesenene                            430   Disposal of Uncollected Goods .ecccssssrsaesesoeessssssseesereneesnnestes                 473-474
The Law of Succession Act—Appointment........2 .eessssessesee                                                         430   Lossof Policies                                                                           474-475

The Oaths and Statutory Declarations Act—Commissions..                                                            430-431   ‘Change of Names                                                                             "475
The Registration of Titles Act—Issue of Provisional
 Certificates.                 .                                                                                 431-432                                                                               .

The Registered Land Act—Issue of New LandTitle Deeds,                                                                                                                PPLEMENT No.12
  etc                                                                                                            432-437                                         Legislative Supplement
Customs Services Department—Goods to be Sold at                                                                                 LEGAL NOTICE No.                                                                        PAGE
  Customs Warehouse, Kilindini...cssssssssssssssssescssssreees                                                   437-439
                                                                                                                                 24—The Constitution of Kenya—New Session of
Public Service Commission of Kenya—Administrative                                                                                    Parliament ........:cccssssssssssessssecscassereeenesecstenecseacens                  37
  Officers Examination Results                                                       . .-s ces se ns ers er ts   439-441
                                                                                                                                          (Published as Special Issue on 29th February, 2008)
Probate and Administration ......sssssssssssssecssssseeessnsersseseeesseeeesnnee                                 442-468
The Advocates Act—Quarterly Reports .....sssssssserssssssssssssssss                                              469—470
The Capital Markets Authority—Appointment of Statutory                                                                                                          SUPPLEMENTNo.13
  Managers,etc.                                                                                                      469                                         Legislative Supplement
Court Summon                                                                                                         469        LEGAL NOTICE No.                                                                        PAGE

The Kenya              Communications                 Act—Application                for                                         25—The National Assembly and Presidential
  Licences                                                                                                           470             Elections Act—Extension of Period for the
                                                                                                                                          \             WY ibe eecssstecsseenscesenesctsecsconecceseseesesennaes
The      Environmental             Management and                   Co-ordination                                                             ssue of     Writ                                                            39
  Act—Environmental Impact Assessment Study Reports...                                                           470-472                  (Published as Special Issue on 29th February, 2008)

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