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30 May 2008

Kenya Government Gazette dated 2008-05-30 number 43

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                  THE KENYGAZE TTE
                                                Published by Authority of the Republic of Kenya
                                                                (Registered as a Newspaperat the G-P.O.)

Vol.CX=sto. 43                                                 NAIROBI,30th May, 2008                                                        Price Sh. 50-

          GAZETTE NOTICE NO. 4726
                                                                 THE TRANSPORTLICENSING ACT
                                                                                  (Cap. 404)

             THE undermentioned applications will be considered by the Transport Licensing Board at Kisii Municipal Hall, on the following days.

             Wednesday, 11th June, 2008— KSI/R/08/ 1/01 to KSI/R/08/ 1/50
             Thursday, 12th June, 2008— KSI/R/08/1/S1 to KSI/R/08/1/100
              Friday, 13th June, 2008}         to consider deferred cases

      -       Every objection in respect of an application shall be lodged with the Licensing Authority and the District Commissionerofthe district in which
      such an application is to be heard and a copytherefore sent to the applicant notless than seven (7) days before the date at which such an application
      is to be heard. Objections received later will not be considered except where otherwise stated thatthe applications are for one vehicle.

           - Every objector shall include the registration number of his/her vehicle (together with the timetable where applicable), operating on the applicant's
          proposed route. Those who submit” applications in the ames of partnership and companies must bring certificates of business registration to the
          Transport Licensing Board meeting.                                                                                                            .
              Applicantswho are Kenya, Tanzania or Uganda citizens oftnon- African origin mustproduce their certificates or any other documentary proof of
          their citizenship.

            "Applicants who fail to attend the above meeting as required of this notice, without reasoriable cause will have their applications tefused and —
          shouldtherefore, not expect further communication:from the Board.

                                                                        RoaD SERVICE LICENCES

          KSI/R/08/1/01        ‘Bethoven Karimi Wachanga, P.O. Box 586,                   KSI/R/08/1/06        Joseph Njuguna Irungu, P.O. Box 821, Molo.:
                               _ Naivasha.   Route:   Eastleigh -    Kariokor -                                Route: Nairobi -- Nakuru - Molo — Kericho -

                                Pangani - Tom Mboya Street and back                                            Kisii and back KBB 480D,14 passengers.
                                KBA647T, 29 passengers.
                                                                                          KSU/R/08/1/07        Nairobi Salama Service Station Limited, P.O.
          KSV/R/08/1/02         John Kilonzoand City Hoppa, P.O. Box 44599,                                    Box 56221, Nairobi, Route: Nairobi — Nakuru
                                Nairobi. Route: Kawangware — Ngong Road —                                    » and back KBB 850G, 29 passengers.
                                Kencom and back KBB 605T,51 passengers.
                                                                                        ~ KSI/R/08/1/08        Peter Kimani Wainaina. Route: Nairobi =
          KSI/R/08/1/03         Abendego Muthoka, P.O. Box 10785, Nairobi.                                     Banana. - Limuru and back KBB 331G, 51
                               - Route: ‘Embakasi — Accra Road — Pipeline and                                - passengers.
                                 back KBB 663T, 26 passengers.
                                                                                          KSI/R/08/1/09        Zeddy Chemutai Chepkwony, P.O. Box 30121,
  -       KSI/R/08/1/04.        Jillo“Kore Nasiri, P.O. Box 44599, Nairobi.                                    Nairobi.. Route: Nairobi - Namanga and back
                                Roitte: Bus Station - Thika Road - Mwingi and                                  KBA 743H.8passengers.
                                back KBB 300M,51 passengers, KBB400M. 51° °
                                passengers. KBB 600M. 51 passengers.        =,            KSI/R/08/1/10        Gideon Ngare Gitehi, P.O. Box 66215, Nairobi.
                                                                                                               Route; Bus’ Station -"Kangemi - Kinoo and
          KSVR/08/1/05          Oshwal Education and Relief Board, P.O. Box _.                                 back KBA 013M,14 passengers.
                                49633, Nairobi. Route:. carriage of ‘students
                                within Kenya KBB 293M.33 passengers.                      KSV/R/08/1/11      » John Njoroge Eliud, P.O. Box 17076, Nairobi.
                                                                                                               Route: Bus. Station - Kangemi = Kinoo and
                                                                                                             ‘ back KBA 436M,14 passengers.

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