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6 June 2008

Kenya Government Gazette dated 2008-06-06 number 45

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               THE KENYA GAZETTE
                                             Published by Authority of the Republic of Kenya
                                                               (Registered as a Newspaper at the G.P.O.)

Vol.CX—WNo. 45                                                  NAIROBI, 6th June, 2008                                                                        Price Sh. 50

                             GAZETTE NOTICES                                                                         GAZETTE NOTICES—{(Conid.)
                                                                          PAGE                                                                                              PAGE
The Restrictive Trade Practices. Monopolies and Price                                  The Environmental Management and Co-ordination Act—
  Control Act—Takevet...scccccsessssssstesssssimusscesnneestentae          1398          Environmental Impact Assessment Study Reports..............                    1430-1432
The State Corporations Act Appointment... cence                            1398        The National Assembly and Presidential Elections Act—
The Co-operative Societies Act—Exemption....scsscsucn                      1398          Tallying Halls/Centres, €tC.......ccssssssssescscssmunssesserseessetenenieny   1432-1433

The Children Act— Appointiticnt 0.0... sess secseneeesssnnes               1398        The Local Government Act— Appointment. ¢16, ccc                                  1432-1434

The Egerton University      Act— Appointment ..........-.scsssssen         {398                      :           ,
   7            mversnty Act        Appoin                                             The Companies Act~ Intended Dissolution ......cc00nnnes                          1434-1435
The Registration of Titles Act—Issue of Provisional
  Certificates, etc.                                                 1398-1399         Local Government Notices ......cccssecssncncuscttnmennarmennee                        1435
Tne °                     Act—Issue of New Land Tide Deeds.          1399-1402         Disposal of Uncollected Goods .....ccccecessssssscseeeinsansssssseten                 1435

Probate amd Acdrsimistrationicccescssnesescnscsnectnstetenee         1402~1429         Lossof Policy                                                                         1435
The    Physical        Planning   Act—Completion        of    Part
  Devel           ft                            :                          1429       Change of Name                                                                         1435

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