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4 September 2008

Kenya Government Gazette dated 2008-09-04 number 71

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              _THEKENYAGAZETTE—                       Published by ‘Authority of the Republic of Kenya.
                                                               (Registered as a Newspaper atthe G.P.0.)

     Vol.CX—No. 1 NAIROBI,
                    ponies 4thSeptember,2008
                                  ember, 4                                                                         7       __      Price Sh. 50!
      " GazeTTENoTIcE No.8144                                                          - (S) In consultation with the Commissioner of Police and. the
                                                                                               Administration Police Commiandant, address any other iesues
                           “POLICEOVERSIGHTBOARD                                               relating to the Police Force asnecessary.
             IT ISnotified for the general information of thepublic. that the         3. Operations: .
      ' Minister of State for Provincial Administration andIntemal Security
      _has established aBoard to be known as the Police Oversight Board.                 (i)     The Board shall have powerto regulate its.own procedures in
                                                                                               . discharge of its duties and shall be guided bytheprinciples
     LL ‘The Board: shall be a semi-autonomous Body answerable to the                            ofequity, sensitivity, human rights and naturalJustice.
              ‘State through the Minister and with its headquarters established: in
            ‘ Nairobi. ©          ,                                         .           (Gi) The businessof the Board shallbe conductedthroughBoard.
                                                                                               "_ meetirigs.
     ks Punctions of the Board.                            mo,
                                                                                         Git) The mestings ofthe Board shall be beld not less han once
ye -        {The objects and functions ofthe Board sball b—                                     _ everyquarter.
           a) @) .to receive and evaluate complaints—                  >                 (iv) ‘The quorum of any meeting for hepopes of conuoing
                                                                                               any business other than to appoint a temporary chairman
                       4a) from the Public against the Police;                                 shal be five (5) excluding the Chairman.
                       (b) from the police officers against their colleagues; -        ‘The Board shall have power to summon and examine wimesses
                                                                                         caideccing Prosucton of. aay: appropriate. evidence foc te
                     _ by
                        which bave not been attended to or adequately addressed
                           thePolice.                                                  - consideration.
                                                                                       js ThgBoard shall establish its own secretariat.                    ,
     Gy ‘tohear anddetermine the complaints before it;
                                                                                       . The Board.            ,
                <Gii) “tomonitor and review the handlingof complaints/
                                                                                         ThePolice Oversight Board shall consist of-
                 ,     (@)frommembers of thepoblic against the Police.
                                                                                        (a) (i)      Chairman—Rt. Rev.Phillip A. Ss. Anyollo
                      . (b) fromthe police officers| against their colleagues.
                                                                                               i) “Members: :                                  ;     :
                 (vi) to teoommend to both the.Commissioner of Police-and                           - BrigadierJohn F,Waweru,
yo    ae              -the Administration Police Commandéat,the appropriate _                      - Dr. Pius Akavanga Kigamwa,
oe      a            "action to be.maken or: remedial ‘measures: aimed at                             Mrs. Alice Kagunda,     :
                       resolving tire complaints.
                                                                                                     Dr. Julius Kipngetich,
      : |bel«meerAon PwCorton |                                                                     Ms. JeanNieri
        ; | Feinework: to. promote, monitor f¢evaluatethe, effective                                Mr. AbmedriaseirA. Yussuf,
                                 eteawin PoliceForce,                                              Mr. James Mageria, ©
                                                                                                    Major S. M. Myiu,._-
                                                                                                    Peer Osoahr.
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