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4 December 2008

Kenya Government Gazette dated 2008-12-04 number 93

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                     THEKENYA GAZETTE
                                                      Published by Authority of the Republic ofKenya —
                                                                        (Registered.as a Newspaperafthe G.P.O.)

          Vol. CX—No. 93

                                                                   NAIROBI,4th December, 2008 _                                                            Price Sh. 50
                     +                            =

            GAzerTENomIceNO, 4)                                     we             Lhe                  “@). Receive memoranda and expert opinion, evaluate, moniter,

“4 a
                                                                                                             ‘hear-and determine memoranda, complaints.and concemsof ~~~
                                                                                                           '- the 1,732: beneficiaries, the 352-nnsettled persons and any
            - OF CHEPYUK PHASE Il] SETTLEMENT SCHEME IN MOUNT                                                 otherstakeholders;       :
                                    ELGON   =
                                                                                                         (A).     To make appropriate recommendationsto the Hon. Minister.
               ‘IT IS notified for the general information of the public that. the
            Minister of State for Provincial Administration. and Internal Security                Accountability and Reporting System ~
            has appointed a Task Forceconsisting ofthe following members—                             The task force shall be accountable to the Minister of State for -
               Joseph Kaguthi,EBB.S.- Chairman -                                                  Provincial Administration and InternalSecurity and will be expected
                                                                                                  to make Progress Reports after every fortnight.
                                                                                                  Modus Operandifor the Task Force
               Permanent Secretary - Ministry .of State                  for. Provincial
               Administration and Internal Security                                             ’ A. The Task force will—
               Permanent Secietary —Ministry of Forestry and Wildlife                             (9)       Reus om poetnd devooomwok pln
               Permanent Secretary — Ministry of Education                                                - 60 days;
                Permianent Secretary — Ministry fHealth and Sanitation
                                                                                                ~ Gi)           Receive evidence, documents and relevant information that the
                PermanentSecretary — Ministry of Finance                                                        task force may require;
              . Johnson Takur Cheprot
               Johnson Nangoda Naibei                                              :
                                                                                                ~ (ii)          Seek co-operation from eldersand public offices

               ‘Richard Naibei Sangula -                       '               ‘                  B. Quorum
               DavidMungane Chepkech                                :                                    The quorum of any meeting forthe:purposes of conducting any
               James BoiyoMaruka                                    Ce                 7          business otherthan to appoint atemporary chairman shall be five (5)
               Alfred Chemeket. |                                                      ‘    .     excluding the Chairman;
              . PermanentSecretaty - Ministry of Lands (Secretary).                             . Terms ofOffice
               Termsof,Reference         _..
                                                                                                    w            The task force will be expected to finalize itsmandate for 8
               The Terms ofReference of the task force are:-                                                     period not exceeding two (2) months from the date of
                                                                                                                 inauguration. In exceptional circumstances, its term may: be
               (a) To co-ordinate and oversee the resettlement in Chepyuk                                        extended at the discretion of the Minister of State for
                     : Phase ITI Settlement Scheme in Mt. Elgon;                                                 Provincial Administration and Internal Security;
              (b) To identify and ascertain the list of 1732 beneficiaries and                          (ii) Any of the Elders (and private individuals in the Task Force)
                 .        cause the resettlement in their respective duly allocated
                                                                                                                 may resign by writing to the Minister and such resignation
                         _parcelsof land;
                                                                                                                 shall be effective upon being received by the Minister.
               (c) -To advise the Minister on: the availability. of land- for
                ‘purchase by the Government to settle the remaining 352 -                         Costs
                         unsettled persons,                                                             The costs incurred by the Task Force including but notrestricted to
              ‘(d) Concirrentty,Ase with the Ministry of Forestry and                             the payment of allowances in respect of the members and the
                     * Wildlife to fasttrack the degazetiement of Chepyuk Phase ll                secretariat of the Task Force shall be defrayed from the ‘voted funds of
                         and IIT,   ~~                                                          ” the Ministry.
           (ce. Fo continuously sensitize and engage the localcommunities                               Dated the 3rd December, 2008.
          a on the resettlement programme;
                                                                                                                                                    “GEORGE SAITOTI,
  ff a
              mts)       To advise the Minister on the progress of the programme;
                                                                                                                                                Minister ofStatefor Provincial
                                                                                                                                          Administration and InternalSecurity.

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