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18 December 2009

Kenya Government Gazette dated 2009-12-18 number 107

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                                          Published by Authority of the Republic of Kenya
                                                    ,       (Registered as a Newspaperat the G.P.O.)'

Vol. CXI—No. 107                                   NAIROBI,18th December, 2009                                                                Price Sh.50 -

    GAZETTE NOTICE No. 13809                                                                   stem rural-urban migration as well as encourage development in
       " BUSINESS PROCESS OUTSOURCING INFORMATION                                              Smaller towns and rural areas
       TECHNOLOGY SERVICES (BPO/ITES) WORKING GROUP                                         6. To guide, facilitate and oversee the development of a monitoring
       -     :                      .                                                          and evaluation framework that will assess the general status on the
                                APPOINTMENT             SO                  ,                  developmentof the sector.
_       IN EXERCISEof the powersconferredby section 4 (1) (a) of the                                                           .                            ies
                                                                                            7. To monitor and evaluate the impact of BPOVITES related activities
- National Accord and. Reconciliation. Act, I, Raila Amolo Odinga,                             based on key milestones and objectives.
    PrimeMinister of the Republic of Kenya appoint—
                                                                                             Powers ofthe Working Group
        Gilda Odera—Chairperson,
                                                                                            1. The Working Group mayestablish committees to address technical
        Nick Nesbit—Member,                                                                    or other specific issues. The Working Group will prepare the
       Peris Were—Member/Joint Secretary,               :                           .          Terms ofReference of its Committees. The membership of the
         :              _         .                                                            committees will draw from relevant institutions, particularly:
        Victor Kyalo—Member/Joint Secretary,                                                   Ministry of Information and Communication, Ministry of Trade,
                          _                                             .                      Ministry of Science and Technology and Ministry. of Education,
        . Sammy|
          Sammy Buruchara— Member,                                .                            Vision 2030 Secretariat, Brand Kenya Board, E-Government, ICT
          Silvester Kasuku-—-OPM Member/Head ofSecretariat,   .                                Board, Kenya Investment Authority, Export Processing Zones
                        ,                                                                      Authority and KEPSA amongothers.
          Dickson Ogolla—Secretariat,                                                                                                 :
                                          .                 .       .                       2. The. Working Group and its committees may invite extemal
    to be members ofthe BPO/ITES Working Group, for a period of two                         "experts to participate on an ad hoc basis in one or more of their
    (2) years beginning 18th December, 2009.                                                   meetings.             ,
    Terms ofReferencefor the Working Group ,                        .           :              Dated the 16th December. 2009.             “
    1. To guide, facilitate and oversee the developmentof an effective
       working system on BPO/ITES related activities within the various                                                                       R. A. ODINGA,
       government ministries that will result in an organized and cohesive                                                                        Prime Minister.
       co-ordination of efforts towards meeting’ the objectives of© Vision
       2030 for the BPO/ITESsector.        .                                                GAZETTE NOTICENo.13810
    2. To Facilitate and oversee the development and achievement of |                              THE NATIONAL HOSPITAL INSURANCE FUND ACT
       high ievel interaction and negotiations with domestic, regional and              .                                   (No. 9 of 1998)
       international partners for facilitation of industry growth.
    3. To monitor and advice provision of infrastructure for the ,
       BPO/ITES sector through the Office of the Prime Minister.                                IN EXERCISE of the powers conferred by section 4.of the
                                                                                            National Hospital Insurance Fund Act, the Minister for Medical
    4. To oversee theprocess to actively generate new business and                          Services appoints—
       investment in the sector through facilitating “tent pitching” of
       foreign investors by direct one to one meetings with senior level                       Under paragraph (1) ()—
       outsourcing decision makers in Global 1000 companies.                                     ~ George Odiko         .
    5. Tofacilitate, co-ordinate and oversee the developmentof a strate                                             a
       for Rural BPO/ITES efforts between various ministries towards                      Under paragraph (1) (i)
       effecting adequate sector growth in rural/suburban areas so as to                _    Elijah Adut Onyango


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