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13 January 2012

Kenya Government Gazette dated 2012-01-13 number 2

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                    THE KENYA GAZETTE
                                                                 Published by Authority of the Republic of Kenya
                                                                               (Registered as a Newspaperat the G.P.O.)

Vol. CXITV—No.2                                                         NAIROBI, 13th January, 2012                                                                        Price Sh. 50

                                       GAZETTE NOTICES                                                                           GAZETTE NOTICES—(Contd.)
The Rating Act— Appointment,ete...                                                           38       Probate and Administration......                                              49-85

The Valuation for Rating Act—Timeof Valuation,etc..                                          38       The Advocates Act— Quarterly Report... eeeeceeeeeeeeenes                      85-86

The State Corporations Act— Appoimtment.........                                             38       The Physical Planning Act—Completion of Part
                                                                                                         Development Plan... cceeeececeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesenenes                           86
The Government                    Financial         Management               Act—
   Appointment.                                                                              38       Liquor Licensing                                                              86-88

The Labour Relations Act—Deduction of Trade Union                                                     Local Government Notice..........ecseeccsssccssseescsseeccnsnesennneecsneee   88-98
     Dues, etc
                                                                                             8        Disposal of Uncollected Goods 20... ceccesecsesesseecseecseesseeneeenee          99
The Land Acquisition Act—Corrigendum........... ee
                                                                                             *°       Loss of Policies                                                                 99
The Registration of Titles Act—Issue of Provisional
     Certificates, C06 ociccecccccccccscscsessessesssessesssscssssesssseseeseaeees        39_40       Change of Names                                                                  99

The Registered Land Act—Issue of New Land Title Deeds,
                                                                                          40-4                                      SUPPLEMENTNo. 177
Office of Deputy Prime Minister and Ministry of                                                                                      Legislative Supplement
    Finance— Statement of Actual Revenue and Net
    Exchequer Issues ..........e.ceecssecssssesesecsesesseceseseeseeecneeessecessneenes   45-46       LEGAL NOTICE No.                                                              PAGE

                                                                                                           197—The KenyaInstitute of Mass Communication
Customs Services Department—Goods to be Sold at
                                                                                          46-48                   Order, 2011 oo... cee eee eesscesecssecneeneeeee                   1081
     Customs Warehouse, Kilindinia...

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