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30 March 2012

Kenya Government Gazette dated 2012-03-30 number 25

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                 THE KENYA GAZETTE
                                                      Published by Authority of the Republic of Kenya
                                                                 (Registered as a Newspaperat the G.P.O.)

Vol. CXIV—No. 25                                             NAIROBI, 30th March, 2012                                                                       Price Sh. 50

                                 GAZETTE NOTICES                                                                    GAZETTE NOTICES—(Contd.)
The Community Service Orders Act—Appointment...........                         1018    The      Co-operative        Societies      Act—Appointment             of
                                                                                1018          Liquidators                                                                    1088
The State Corporations Act—Appointment........00.0.
The Labour Relations Act—Deduction of Agency Fees,                                      The Physical Planning Act—Completion of Part
      etc.                                                                      1018       Development Plans 20.0.0... eeceeeteeeeceteeeeneeeeeenes                          1089

The Children Act—Appointiment....0..0... cece                                   1019    The Environmental Management and Co-ordination
                                                                                1019          Act—Environmental Impact Assessment Study
The Law of Succession Act—Appointment........
                                                                                              Reports oo... eee eceeceesceeceesceesceeseeeseeesecaeesseesseenseeeee   1089-1093
The Registration of Titles Act—Issue of Provisional
   Certificates,etc .....                       we                              1019    Local Government Notices cecececeeecseeeteeseeeeeees               1093-1096

The Registered Land Act—lIssue of a New Certificate of                                  Business Transfer... ccc ceeeececeecceceseeeceeeseseeseeeeeees                       1096
   Lease, etc.                                                             1019-1030
The Land Acquisition Act—Intention to Acquire Land,etc.
                                                                           1030-1037    Disposal of Uncollected Goods... eee                                                 1096

Customs Services Department—Goods to be Sold at                                         Loss of Share Certificates, ete...0.000000cccccccccecseeteeeees               1096-1098
   Customs Warehouse, JK.LA., ete. oo...                                   1037-1048
                                                                                        Change of Names                                                                1098-1099
The Valuers Act—Registered and Practising Valuets.........                      1049

Probate and Administration. 2.2.0... eeseeeseeceesceeseeceesneeneeneeee    1049-1086
                                                                                                                          SPECIAL NOTICE
The Political Parties Act—Full Registration of Political
   Parties                                                                      1087          AS Friday, 6th April, 2012, will be a public holiday, the Kenya
The      Records Disposal          (Courts) Rules—Intended                              Gazette issue that should have been published on that date will now be
      Destruction of Court Records...........ceeececeesseseseseeseeseeee        1088    published on Thursday, Sth April, 2012.
                                                                                                                                                             A. G. RUKARIA,
                                                                                                                                                               Government Printer.
The Mining Act—Application for a Special Licence...........                     1088

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