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13 April 2012

Kenya Government Gazette dated 2012-04-13 number 28

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                   THE KENYA GAZETTE
                                                              Published by Authority of the Republic of Kenya
                                                                            (Registered as a Newspaperat the G.P.O.)

Vol. CXITV —No.28                                                       NAIROBI, 13th April, 2012                                                                    Price Sh. 50

                                     GAZETTE NOTICES                                                                         GAZETTE NOTICES—(Contd.)
The Local Government Act— Appointment...                                                   1176    The Estate Agents Act—Registered and Practising
The State Corporations Act— Appomtnents..                                                  1176       Estate Agents                                                          1245-1252
The Competition Act— Appomtment...                                                         1176    Local GovernmentNotice.....                                          .         1252
The Traffic Act—Exemption................                                                  1176    Disposal of Uncollected Goods... ceeeeeeeeeeteteteees                     1252-1253
The Science and Technology Act— Appoimtment................                           1176, 1177   Loss of Share Certificate ....0..00000cccccceccecce cee cesseeseeeseeee        1253
The Tobacco Control Act— Appointment... eee                                           1176-1177
The National Social Security Fund Act—Appoimtment........                                  1177                                 SUPPLEMENT No.20
The Labour Institutions Act—Appomtment..... ee                                             1177                                          Acts, 2011
The     National Council               for     Law       Reporting        Act—                                                                                                   PAGE
                                                                                           77      The Engineers Act, 2011 occ ceceeeeeeeeeeseseseneneeeeeee                      1339
The Land Acquisition Act— Addendum,ete. 00.0.                                         1178-1179
The Registration of Titles Act—Issue of Provisional
      Certificates, C06 ociccecccccccccscscsessessesssessesssscssssesssseseeseaeees   1179-1180                         SUPPLEMENTNos.22, 25 and 26
The Registered Land Act—Issue of a New Certificate of                                                                            Legislative Supplement
      Lease,etc.                                                                      1180-1189                                     §          PP
Ministry of Finance—Statement of Actual Revenue and                                                LEGAL NOTICE No.                                                              PAGE
    Net ExchequerIssues..
                                                                                      1189-1190        21—The Medical Practitioners and Dentists
The Customs and Excise ‘Act—Approved Manufacturers                                                         (Disciplinary  Proceedings)       Procedure)
   and Producers                                                                           1191            (Amendment) Rules, 2012.00.00... cece                                   283
Customs Services Department Goods to be Sold at                                                        22—The Kenya Railways Corporation Act—
   Customs Warehouse, Kilindini,etc..                                                 1191-1194            Transfer and Vesting of Properties                           285
Probate and Administration ............0....
                                                                                      TO 1241          23—The          Konza_        Technopolis         Development
The Political Parties Act—Full Registration of Political                                                      Authority Order, 2012.00.00                                          289
                                                                                      1241-1243        24—The Petroleum (Amendment) Rules, 2012........                            295
The Bankruptcy Act—Receiving Orders and Creditors’
   Meetings                                                                           1243-1244        25—The Energy (importation of Petroleum
                                                                                                           Products) (Quota Allocation) (Amendment)
The Council of Legal Education (Kenya School of Law)
                                                                                                              Regulations, 2012.00... ccceceeeeeseeteteeeeeneees                   296
   Regulations, 2009—Pupilage and Passing of
   Examinations                                                                            1244        26—The Energy (Petroleum Pricing) (Amendment)
                                                                                           1245               Regulations, 2012.00... ccceceeeeeseeteteeeeeneees                   297
The Mining Act— Application for Special Licences..............
The Complaints Commission— Quarterly Report..                                              1245
The Companies Act— Winding-up....... ee                                                    1245                            SUPPLEMENT Nos.23 and 24
The Physical Planning Act—Completion of Part                                                                                             Bills, 2012
   Development Plans... ceeeeeeeeeeeceseeteeeeeeeeeees                                     1245                                                                                  PAGE
The Environmental Management and Co-ordination                                                     The Prohibition of Pyramid Schemes Bill, 2012.00.00...                         851
   Act—Environmental Impact Assessment Study
   Reports                                                                            1245-1250    The Social Assistance Bill, 2012 o0..0.000lele eee                              857

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