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15 October 2012

Kenya Government Gazette dated 2012-10-15 number 102

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             THE KENYA GAZETTE
                                     Published by Authority of the Republic of Kenya
                                                    (Registered as a Newspaper at the G.P.O.)

Vol. CXIV—No.102                                NAIROBI, 15th October, 2012                                                    Price Sh. 60

GAZETTE NOTICE No. 14705                                                       (d) Compile a report and propose measures for the socio-economic
                                                                                   empowermentof coastal people, including affirmative action.
                                                                               (e) Identify causes of tension and hostilities within communities in
TASK FORCE TO ADDRESS GRIEVANCES OF THE PEOPLE OF                                  the coastal region and prioritize for implementation measures
                       THE COASTAL REGION                                          to prevent escalation to violence.
                           NOTIFICATION                                        (f) Working with other stakeholders, facilitate dialogue among
    IT IS notified for general information that the Prime Minister of              communities at the coastal region to build reconciliation, peace
the Republic of Kenya has established a Task Force to address the                  and ethnic cohesion.
grievances of the people of the Coastal Region. The Task Force shall           (g) Develop a road-map and implementation plan for proposed
comprise of the following:                                                         recommendations of the Task Force.
   Gen. (Rtd.) Joseph Kibwana—{Chairman),                                    . The Task Force shall be accountable to the Government to whom it
   Agnes Zani (Dr.)—(Vice-Chairperson),                                        shall make monthly progress reports and present a final report at
                                                                               the end ofits term.
                                                                             . The Task Force shall have the powers to—
   William Hirbae,
   Betty Kanyagia,                                                             (a) Regulate its own procedures and develop a work plan.
   Karim Anjarwalla,                                                           (b) Receive relevant information and documents that it requires.
   Sheikh Modhar Hitami,
                                                                               (c) In consultation with the Office of the Prime Minister co-opt
   Emmanuel Nzai,
                                                                                   experts in particular areas of need as may be necessary.
   Swaleh Gangombe,
   Bishop Wilfred Lai,                                                         (d) Initiate studies or research by institutions or individuals with
   Ada Mwangola,                                                                   requisite expertise to undertakeits tasks.
   Khalif Salim Mwavumo,
                                                                               (e) Seek assistance from the Office of the Prime Minister as it may
   Bishop Julius Kalu,
                                                                                   deem appropriate.
   Fr. Wilbard Lago,
   Hussein Khalid                                                            . The quorum for any meeting for the purposes of conducting
                                                                               business other than to appoint a temporary chairman shall be seven
Joint Secretaries                                                              (7), excluding the Chairman.
   Abdul Mwasserah,                                                          . Any member of the Task Force other than Public officers may
   Beatrice Gambo,                                                             resign in writing to the Prime Minister and such resignation shall
                                                                               take effect upon such letter of resignation being received by the
1. The Terms of Reference of the Task Force are to—
                                                                               Prime Minister.
   (a) Hold public hearings and receive submissions from the public
                                                                             . The costs incurred by the Task Force, shall be defrayed from the
       regarding grievancesof the coastal people.
                                                                               voted funds of the Office of the Prime Minister.
   (b) Collect and collate information on the marginalization of
                                                                             . The term of office of the Task Force shall be a period of six (6)
       coastal people from available reports and studies conducted by
                                                                               months commencing on the first day immediately following
       government or other bodies since independence.
                                                                               gazettement of the Task Force.
   (c) Review the current status of socio-economic and political
       development of the coastal region against the aspirations of         Dated the 8th October, 2012.
       Kenya Vision 2030.                                                                                                RAILA A. ODINGA,
                                                                                                                                Prime Minister.

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