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27 December 2013

Kenya Government Gazette dated 2013-12-27 number 180

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                    THE KENYA GAZETTE
                                                                 Published by Authority of the Republic of Kenya
                                                                              (Registered as a Newspaperat the G.P.O.)

Vol. CXV —No. 180                                                    NAIROBI, 27th December, 2013                                                            Price Sh. 60

                                       GAZETTE NOTICES                                                                     GAZETTE NOTICES—(Contd.)
The Constitution of Kenya—Corrigendum ues                                                     5610   The Co-operative Society-Appointmentof Liquidators........            5623

The Children Act-Revocation of Appointmentete ......0........                            5610-5611   The Civil Aviation Act-Decisions of the Kenya Civil
                                                                                                         Aviation Authority on Applications for Air Service
The County Governments Act— Appointments...                                              5611-5612       Licences                                                     5623-5625

The Competition Ate... eececcceecseeessetessesecseeeseseereecseeesnneenseee                   5611   The Standards Act—Declaration of Kenya Standards..............   5625-5627

The      Land        Registration          Act—Issue           of     Provisional                    The Companies Act-Intended Dissolution,ete -...0..               5627-5628
      Certificates, CC. oc.ccccccccccecccceccssessesessesessesessesessssesseseeseseeee   5611-5617
                                                                                                     The Bankruptcy Act-Receiving Order and First Creditors
The National Treasury—Statement of Actual Revenue and                                                   Meeting                                                            5628
   Net Exchequer [ssues ........ceeeceecsseecsseeeseeecsesecseeesseereteeneees           5618-5620
                                                                                                     The Environmental Management and Co-ordination Act—
The Elections Act-Voter Polling Station for the By-                                                     Environmental Impact Assessment Study Reports..........       5629-5632
      election, etc                                                                      5620-5622
                                                                                                     Loss of Policies                                                 5633-5634
The Kenya Information and Communications Act-Mobile
   Operator Quality of Service Performance Assessment
   report for Financial Yeat... eeceeceecceeesseecseeeceeeeseteeneeees                   5622-5623   Change of Names                                                       5634

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