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22 January 2016

Kenya Government Gazette dated 2016-01-22 number 6

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                     THE KENYA GAZETTE
                                                                 Published by Authority of the Republic of Kenya
                                                                             (Registered as a Newspaperat the GP.O)

    Vol. CXVUI—No. 6                                                     NAIROBI,22nd January, 2016.                                                                                        Price Sh. 60

                                        GAZETTE NOTICES
                                                                                                "PAGE                                                                                                  PAGE

    The. Judiciary— Vacancies in the Office of Judge of the                                          :              The Mining Act—Application for Special Mining Lease.....                         139-140
      * Environment and Land Court .......ecieeeeceenereneceees                                          104°
                                                                                                                    The     Physical Penning _Ast— Completion of Part
    The State Corporations Act— Appointment...                                                           104              Development Plan .. sleeves  ceeeeeeaeteteeneenceteseneetieee                  140

    The Industrial Property Act— Appointment...                                                          to4        TheEnvironmental Management and Co-ordination Act—
    The Anti-Counterfeit Act— Revocation, etc .......:..                                                 105             Bavironmental Impact Assessment Study Report.........                       1-143
    The Central Bank of Kenya Act—Revocation of Forex                                                               Disposal of Uncollected Goods.........esse soneessnseesnanesnnesieeesiieess          143

            Hence ..                                                                                                The Proceeds of Crime and Anti-Money Laundering Act—
    The      Leadership and Integrity Act—Leadership and                                    .                          Notice of Preservation OrdetS ........0ccuteeecsnenin                             144
          Integrity Code for State Officers in the Office of the                                    -.                        .              :          :
          Alttomey-General and Departmentof Justice wo...                                   105-109                 Loss of Policies...........                                                      145-148

    County Governments Notices -acccscssisuunnssnnens                                   109-110, 131                Change of Names v.ccccscssssssssssscssssssssnsnsnassnsnssansnsnenansestetanses     "149
    The _Land Registratton’ Act—Issue of Provisional
       Certificates, C60 ucssessesnsesesesesestennereansesesesesn seine sesnsasnansee       110-118                                                         petenene eenenne

- The National ‘Land Commission Act— Determination for                                          :               :                                  -                        -
          Review of Grants and Disposition of Public Land..........                         118-125                                                  SUPPLEMENTNo. 2

    The National Treasury — Statement of Actual Revenue and                                                                                     National Assembly Bills, 2016
       Net Exchequer TSSUCS......s-sescescessesseesecenesscessesasaeanenseansess            125-128                                                                                                    PAGE

    The Civil Aviation Act—Decisions of the Kenya Civil                                                             The        Kenya          National         Examination             Council
          Aviation Authority on Applications for Air Service                                                              (Amendment) Bill, 2016 oo cc ccc cece ceeneeeeeees                               t
         Licences...               sesesaeesesseseeesneeaelees                              128-129                                                                     ,

    The Energy Regulatory Commission—Fuel Cost Charge,                                                    fe
:        eee eect eseenenesensetscessusensmusseesusseseennnancnsgesgeeseeneesees            129-131                                                                 :

    The Kenya Information and Communications Act— ;                                                                                               _ SUPPLEMENT No. 3
         Application for Licences ...esccccscsssecics tecnica                                            139                                             Senate Bills, 2016

    The Insurance Act—Approval of the Scheme of Transfer                                        a                                        o           ;                                                 PAGE
       of GeneralInsurance Business...                                                           139                The Constitution of Kenya (Amendment) Bill, 2016......                                1

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