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13 June 2016

Kenya Government Gazette dated 2016-06-13 number 64

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             THE KENYA GAZETTE
                                      Published by Authority of the Republic of Kenya
                                                   (Registered as a Newspaperat the G.of P.O.)

Vol. CXVITI—No. 64                                 NAIROBI, 13th June, 2016                                                       Price Sh. 60


   NATIONAL MULTI-AGENCY REFUGEES REPATRIATION                                     (6)    Engage UNHCR and other relevant stakeholders in the
                      TEAM                                                                repatriation process.

                           APPOINTMENT                                             (c)    Establish the Operational Refugees Repatriation Team
                                                                                          (ORRT) in Dadaab.
    IT IS notified for the general information of the public that the
Cabinet Secretary for Interior and Co-ordination of National                       (dq)   Manage the Verification and Repatriation exercise of
Government, in furtherance of the decision of the Government to                           refugees in Dadaab Refugee Complex.
repatriate refugees and close Dadaab Refugee Complex, appoints the
National Multi-Agency Refugees Repatriation Team (NMARRT).                         (e)    Mobilize and co-ordinate the allocation of resources,
                                                                                          procurement and utilization of all goods and services
1. The Team shall comprise of—                                                            required in the repatriation exercise.

    Joseph W. Irungu (Chairperson)                                                 )      Manage the implementation of the Security Strategy during
                                                                                          the repatriation process.
                                                                                   (g)    Manage the implementation of the            Communication
   Amb. Mohamud A.Saleh                                                                   Strategy during the repatriation process.
   Boniface Maingi, A.I.G
   Maj. Gen. (Rtd.) Dr. Gordon Kihalangwa                                          (h)    Provide monthly progress reports and returns on the
   Reuben M. Kimotho                                                                      repatriation exercise.
   Brig. William Shume
   Catherine Mogaka                                                                (i)    Prepare and submit the final report on repatriation to the
   Catherine Bunyassi                                                                     Cabinet Secretary, Interior and Co-ordination of National
   Dr. Issack Odongo                                                                      Government.
   Naman Owuor                                                                 3. In performance ofits functions, the Team may:
   Amb. Dr Martin Kimani
   Henry Ikumiru                                                                   (a)    Conduct any other activities       required for   effective
   Kodeck Makori                                                                          discharge ofits mandate.
   Mwenda Njoka
                                                                                   (b)    Co-opt any relevant person to assist in the effective
Joint Secretaries:                                                                        discharge ofits mandate.

   Wilberforce Kilonzo                                                             (c)    Carry out any other relevant function as directed by the
   Muthoni Kanyugo                                                                        Cabinet Secretary, Interior and Co-ordination of National
2. The Terms of Reference for the Repatriation Team are to—
                                                                               Dated the 13th June, 2016.
       (a)   Implement the Report of the National Taskforce on
             Repatriation of Refugees.                                                                                 JOSEPH NKAISSERRY,
                                                                                                                     Cabinet Secretaryfor Interior
                                                                                                        and Co-ordination ofNational Government.


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