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16 September 2016

Kenya Government Gazette dated 2016-09-16 number 110

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               THE KENYA GAZETTE
                                                  Published by Authority of the Republic of Kenya
                                                             (Registered as a Newspaperat the G.P.O.)

Vol. CXVITI—No. 110                                     NAIROBI, 16th September, 2016                                                                        Price Sh. 60

                              GAZETTE NOTICES
                                                                          PAGE                                                                                           PAGE

TheIndustrial Training Act—Appointment....... eee                          3760     County Governments Notices........0.:scscccsssssssssseessssesneesseneees         3772-3792
The     National Committee         on    Trade        Facilitation—                          :           :                                :
      Appointment                                                     3760-3761     The Physical Planning Act—Completion of Part
                                                                                       Development Plans...0.......cecceceeesceseececeeesaeeeeseeaeeeeaeeeeseees          3793
The National Assembly Standing Orders—Notification of
   Special Sittings of the National Assembly ............0..0.....         3762     The Transfer of Business ACt ..cccccccccscscsscsssscsesecescsesessesseseeseees        3793

TheNational Police Service Act—Designation of a Police                     geo      Closure ofRoads and Footpaths.                                                        3793
The Competition Act—Proposed. Acquisition «1.0.00...                  3762-3763     Lossof Policy                                                                    3794-3798

The     Land   Registration     Act—Issue        of    Provisional
      Cettificates, C10 once                                    ve    3163-3772     Cramge OF Namesnrrrrrrernrvnrercrenrcnrnrnrnree                                      3799

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