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19 September 2016

Kenya Government Gazette dated 2016-09-19 number 113

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                                       Published by Authority of the Republic of Kenya
                                                        (Registered as a Newspaper at the G.P.O.)

Vol. CXVILTI—No. 113                               NAIROBI, 19th September, 2016                                                     Price Sh. 60

GAZETTE NOTICE No. 7591                                                         GAZETTE NOTICE No. 7592

                THE CONSTITUTION OF KENYA                                                              THE KENYA ROADS ACT
                                                                                                             (No. 2 of 2007)
                           (No. 17 of 2012)                                         IN EXERCISEof the powers conferred by section 8 (1) (/) of the
                                                                                Kenya Roads Act, the Cabinet Secretary for Ministry of Transport,
                                                                                Infrastructure, Housing and Urban Development appoints—
  RESOLUTION OF THE SENATE ON THE PROPOSED REMOVAL FROM                            Rose Wanjiru Githua
         OFFICE OF THE GOVERNOR OF NYERI COUNTY                                    Oyuko Mbeche(Eng.) (Prof.)

   IT IS notified for the information of the general public:                    to be members of the Kenya Rural Roads Authority Board, for a
                                                                                period of three (3) years, with effect from the 1st August, 2016.
   THATpursuant to Article 181 of the Constitution and section 33                  Dated the 30th July, 2016.
of the County Governments Act, 2012, on 2nd September, 2016, the
County Assembly of Nyeri approved a Motion “to remove from office,                                                             JAMES MACHARIA,
by impeachment,” Hon. James Nderitu Gachagua, the Governor of                                                                        Cabinet Secretary,

Nyeri County;                                                                                                     Ministry of Transport, Infrastructure,
                                                                                                                     Housing and Urban Development.
    AND THAT by a letter dated 2nd September, 2016, Ref:
CAN/SEN/PMNT/COR/2/(3) and received in the Office of the Speaker
                                                                                GAZETTE NOTICE No. 7593
of the Senate on 5th September, 2016, the Speaker of the County
Assembly of Nyeri informed the Speaker of the Senate of the approval                            THE CONSTITUTION OF KENYA
of the Motion by the County Assembly and further forwarded to the
                                                                                              THE COUNTY GOVERNMENTS ACT
Speaker of the Senate documents in evidence of the proceedings of the
Assembly;                                                                                                   (No. 17 of2012)
                                                                                   ELGEYO/MARAKWET COUNTY ASSEMBLY STANDING
   AND    FURTHER       THAT pursuant         to   Article   181   of the
Constitution, section 33 of the County Governments Act, 2012 and
standing order 68 of the Senate Standing Orders, the Senate, by                                     SPECIAL SITTING OF THE ASSEMBLY
resolution, on Wednesday, 7th September, 2016 resolved to investigate
                                                                                    NOTICEis given to all members of the County Assembly and the
the matter of the proposed removal from office of the Governor of
                                                                                public that pursuant to standing order 29 of the County Assembly
Nyeri County;
                                                                                Standing Orders, special sittings of the County Assembly shall be held
                                                                                at the County Assembly Chamber on Tuesday, 20th September, 2016
   AND THATpursuant to Article 181 of the Constitution, section 33
                                                                                at 10.00 a.m. in the morning sitting and at 2.30 p.m. in the afternoon
of the County Governments Act, 2012 and standing order 68 of the
                                                                                sitting for the tabling of the report of the County Budget and
Senate Standing Orders, the Senate found that the Particulars of the
                                                                                Appropriations Committee on the Elgeyo/Marakwet County Ist
Allegations against Hon. James Nderitu Gachagua, the Governor of
                                                                                Supplementary Budget Estimates for the year 2016 and the subsequent
Nyeri County were not substantiated.
                                                                                consideration and approval ofthe said report respectively.
   Dated the 16th September, 2016.                                                 Dated the 16th September, 2016.

                                                   EKWEE ETHURO,                                                   ALBERT KIPKOGEI KOCHEI,
                                                    Speaker of the Senate.                                             Speaker to the County Assembly.

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