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18 November 2016

Kenya Government Gazette dated 2016-11-18 number 143

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                  THE KENYA GAZETTE
                                                             Published by Authority of the Republic of Kenya
                                                                         (Registered as a Newspaper at the G.P.O.)

Vol. CXVITE—No. 143                                                NAIROBI, 18th November, 2016                                                                     Price Sh. 60

                                    GAZETTE NOTICES
                                                                                        PAGE                                                                                     PAGE

Technical Committee to Develop EDR Bench Book—                                                  The Water Act— Approved Water Tariff Structure................               4660-4664
    Appointment                                                                          4632
                                                                                                The Technical and Vocational Education and Training
The Steering Committee on the Establishment and                                                     Act— Prescribed MAMBES oseessessssstessetessttnnsstnseesnsesnsees             4664
     Transition to the Financial Services Authority—                                                   “Antic           .      and               .       .        A
     Appointment                                                                    4632-4633   The Quarterly
                                                                                                          Anti-Corruption             Economic Crimes               Act—
                                                                                                              Reports 0.          sss                                        46644674

The National Authority for the Campaign Against                                                 The Physical Planning Act—Completion of Part
     Alcoholic and Drug Abuse Act—Appointment..........                                  4633       Development Plans ...cscssssssscsssssesesusnmeesini                      4674-4675
The Biosafety Authority Act— Appointment.............es                             4633-4634   The Insolvency — Appointment of Joint Administrators........                      4675

The National Police Service Act—-Designation of a Police                                        Disposal of Uncollected Goods .....sccsssssssssccssssiennssssnessseesserns        4675

     Station                                                                             4634   Loss ofPolicies                                                              4675-4678
The Leadership and Integrity Act—The Leadership and                                             Change of Names                                                                  4678
   Integrity Code of Conduct for State Officers in the
   Ministry of Defence ............sscscsossesssssssnseesesssrnunessessenneessess   4634-4637                                         Pennnnnnnn

The Land Registration                  Act—Issue           of    Provisional                                                  SUPPLEMENTNo. 178
   Certificates.                                                                    4637-4645
                                                                                                                            National Assembly Bills, 2016
The Land Act— Intention to Acquire Land,etc...                                      4646-4652                                                                                    PAGE /

The National Treasury—Statement of Actual Revenues                                              The Livestock and Livestock Products Development
                       .                                                                            and Marketing Bill, 2016.00. scscssesscessceneesenees                         7165
     and Net Exchequerissues as at 3 ist October, 2016........                      4652-4655

The Tourism Act—Publication of Classified Tourism                                                                                     ee
     Entesprises..                                                                  4655-4657                                 SUPPLEMENTNo.179
The Crops Act—Application for Licences in the Coffee                                                                               Senate Bills, 2016
   Industry                                                                         4657-4658                                                                                    PAGE

The Energy Regulatory Commission—Fuel Cost Charge,                                              The. County Governments ( Amendment) (No. 3) Bill,
   etc          .                       .                                           4659-4660       2016.                           :                                             393

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