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22 September 2017

Kenya Government Gazette dated 2017-09-22 number 140

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              THE KENYA GAZETTE
                                                Published by Authority of the Republic of Kenya
                                                          (Registered as a Newspaperat the G.P.O.)

Vol. CXIX—No. 140                                    NAIROBI, 22nd September, 2017                                                                      Price Sh. 60

                             GAZETTE NOTICES                                                                 GAZETTE NOTICES8—(Contd.)

The Mining Act—Processing of Applications for Mineral                            The     Physical Planning Act—Completion of Local
   Rights                                                                5268          Development Plan 0... eeceeeceecseecsesecseeesseeecseeereecnetecneeensees        5324

County Governments Notices... eeceeeceeeeeseees        5268-5273, 5283-5284      The Environmental Management and Co-ordination Act—
                                                                                    Environmental Impact Assessment Study Repott............                       5324-5326
The Land Registration Act—Issue of New Title Deeds, etc.            5273-5283
                                                                                 Disposal of Uncollected Goods 20... ceccesecsesesseecseecseesseeneeenee                5327
The Land Act— Intention to Create a Right of Way
   (Electricity Wayleave) ....0...c cee ceeseteeeeeeeeeeeeeenenes   5284-5308    Private Roads and Footpaths Within Land Reference No.
                                                                                       209/4560/59.                                                                     5327
The National Treasury—Statement of Actual Revenue
                                                                                 Loss ofPolicies                                                                   5327-5332
   and Net ExchequerIssues...............                           5309-5312
                                                                                 Change of Names                                                                   5331-5332
The National Social Security Fund— Abridged Financial
    Statements for the Year Ended 30th June, 2016 ........          5312-5314

The Crops Act—Proposed Grantof Licences, etc. ..........            5315-5316
                                                                                                          SUPPLEMENT Nos. 139 and 140
The Investment and Financial Analysts Act—
   Membership of the Institute of Certified Investment                                                        Legislative Supplement, 2017
   and Financial Analysts (ICIFA)..0.0.. eee                        5316-5319
                                                                                 LEGAL NOTICE No.                                                                      PAGE
The Leadership and Integrity Act—The Leadership and
   Integrity Code for State Officers in the Commission                                 240—The Companies (General) (Amendment) (No.
   on Administrative       Justice   (Office   of the                                      2) Regulations oo... ceceeeeeeeeseseseseseeeeeeeeeeeees                     2193
    Ombudsman) August, 2017.00. eeeteteteeeeeeeeee                  5319-5323
                                                                                       241—The Wildlife Conservation and Management
The Insurance Act—Transfer and Acqusition of Life                                          (Implementation of Treaties) Regulations,
    Assurance Business, Asset and Liabilities of Cannon                                       2017                                                                     2201
    Assurance Limited to Metropolitan Cannon Life
                                                                                       242—The Wildlife Conservation and Management
    Assurance Limited 220.000... eecececeererereseseeeenenenes           5323
                                                                                           (Protection of Endangered and Threatened
The Co-operative Societies Act—Inquiry Order...                          5323              Ecosystems,    Habitats    and    Species)
                                                                                              Regulations, 2017 occ cceceeeeeeeeeeseseseseneeeeeee                     2202
The Insolvency Act—Member’s Voluntary Winding-up.....                    5323
                                                                                       243—The Wildlife Conservation and Management
The Elections Act—Intention to Withdraw an Election                                        (Jomt Management of Protected Water
   Petiton                                                               5324                 Towers) Regulations, 2017.00.00... eeeteeeeeees                          2208

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