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10 January 2020

Kenya Government Gazette dated 2020-01-10 number 7

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                                     NATIONAL COUNCIL FOR
                                        LAW REPORTING


                                        Published by Authority of the Republic of Kenya
                                                       (Registered as a Newspaper at the G.P.O.)

Vol. CXXII —No. 7                                   NAIROBI, 10th January, 2020                                                    Price Sh. 60

GAZETTE NOTICE No. 264                                                                into account any relevant contributions made during the
                                                                                      validation period.
THE BUILDING BRIDGES TO A UNITED KENYA TASK FORCE                                  2. In the performance of its functions, the Steering Committee
                      REPORT                                                   shall—
                            APPOINTMENT                                           (a) appoint its chairperson and vice-chairpers        fi m among its
    IT IS notified for general information of the public that His                     members;
Excellency Hon. Uhuru Kenyatta, President and Commander-in-Chief                  (b) regulate its own procedure within confines of the law and the
of the Kenya Defence Forces, has appointed the Steering Committee
on the Implementation of the Building Bridges to a United Kenya
Taskforce Report, which shall comprise of:                                        (c) privilege bipartisan and non-partisan groupings, forums and
   Mohamed Yusuf Haji (Sen.)                                                          experts;
   Lawi Imathiu (Bishop)                                                          (d) form technical working groups as may be, required in the
  •Maison Leshomo                                                                     achievement of its terms of reference;• • -
   James Matundura
   Rose Moseu                                                                     (e) hold such number of meetings in such places and at such times
   Agnes Kavindu Muthama                                                              as the it shall consider necessary for the proper discharge, of,0
   Saeed Mwaguni (Prof.)                                                              functions;
   Peter Njenga (Bishop)
   Zaccheaus Okoth (Archbishop Emeritus)                                          (f) shall solicit, receive and consider writtetl., ruFirtorAncluAr
   Adams Oloo (Prof.)                                                                 informenn from the public; and
   Amos Wako (Sen.)
   Florence Omose (Dr.)                                                           (g) may carry out or cause to be carried out 4uckssessments,
   Morompi ole Ronkei (Prof.)                                                         studies or research as may inform its mandate.
   John Seii (Rtd) Major
                                                                                  3. The Joint Secretaries shall to be responsibIe SRr all official
Johtt Secretaries                                                              communication on behalf of the Steering Committee.

  •Martin Kimani (Amb.)                                                           4. The Joint Secretaries may co-opt any other per,sonwritty
   Paul Mwangi                                                                 required to assist in the achievement of the terms of reference of the
                                                                               Steering Committee.
    I. The Terms of Reference of the Steering Committee shall be to:                                                               )c eii.111,d i   111,2
                                                                                   5. The Steering Committee shall submit its cortStehensiye, advice
   (a) conduct validation of the Task Force Report on Building
                                                                               to the Government by 30th June, 2020 or such a date as the President
       Bridges to a United Kenya through consultations with citizens,                                                                     st:(
                                                                               may, by notice in the Gazette, prescribe.           a
       civil society, the faith-based organizations, cultural leaders, the
       private sector, and experts; and                                           Dated the 3rd January, 2020.
   (h) propose administrative, policy, statutory or constitutional                                                         JOSEPH K. KTyvA„
       changes that may be necessary for the implementation of the                                                         Head of the Public' Serwce.
       recommendations contained in the Task Force Report, taking

                                           PRINTED AND PUBLISHED BY THE GOVERNMENT PRINTER, NAIROBI

                                                                                                                                   of                hi
                                                                                                                                    ft: r;            fif
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