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17 January 2020

Kenya Government Gazette dated 2020-01-17 number 9

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                                                                                                NATIONAL COUNCIL, FOR
                                                                                                   LAW REPORTING

                                           Published by Authority of the Republic of Kenya
                                                  (Registered as a Newspaper at the G .P.0 .)

Vol. CXXII —No. 9                             NAIROBI, 17th January, 2020                                                      PriCe Sh. 60

                        GAZETTE NOTICES                                                         GAZETTE NOTICES—(Contd)
                                                                 PAGE                                                                   PAGE
The Irrigation Act—Appointment                                    104      The Standards Act—Declaration of Kenya Standards            128-136
The Land Control Act—Appointment                              104-107      The Crops Act—Proposed Grant of Licences                    136-137
The Kenya Defence Forces Act—Discontinuation         of
   Deployment                                                     107      The Companies Act—Dissolutions, etc                         137-139
                                                                           The Mining Act—Application for a Mining Licence                 139
The Universities Act—Re-Appointment. etc                          107
                                                                           The Transfer of Busfnesses Act—Business Transfer                  139
The Occupational Safety and Health Act—Appointment                107
County Governments Notices                                 108,117-119     The Co-operative Societies Act—Liquidation Extension
                                                                              Order                                                          139
The Banking Act—Transfer of Assets of Transnational
   Bank Plc to Access Bank Plc                                    108      The Physical Planning      Act—Completion      of   Part
The Land Registration     Act—Issue    of    Provisional                      Development Plans                                              139
   Certificates, etc                                          109-116
                                                                           The Environmental Management and Co-ordination Act—
The Unclaimed Financial Assets Act —No Objection              116-117         Environmental Impact Assessment Study Report             140-141
The Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission—The 3rd
                                                                           Disposal of Uncollected Goods                                     141
   Quarterly Report Covering the Period from 1st July,
   2019 to 30th September, 2019                               119-128      Change of Names                                                   141


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