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6 March 2020

Kenya Government Gazette dated 2020-03-06 number 42

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                                                             NATIONAL COUNCIL FOR
                                                                LAW REPORTINtJ

                                           Published by Authority of the Republic of Kenya
                                                      (Registered as a Newspaper at the G.P.O.)

Vol. CXXII—No. 42                                    NAIROBI, 6th March, 2020                                                     Price Sh. 60

                         GAZETTE NOTICES                                                          GAZETTE NOTICES— (Contd.)
                                                                  PAGE                                                                      PAGE
The Constitution of Kenya—Appointments                             1174       The Mombasa Hospital Association—Disposal of Health
                                                                                 Records                                                    1229
County Governments Notices                                1174,1219-1220
                                                                              Disposal of Uncollected Goods                                 1229
The Court of Appeal—Easter Recess                                  1174
                                                                              Change of Names                                          1229-1231
The Land Registration Act—Issue of Provisional
  Certificates, etc                                           1175-1190

The Land Act—Construction of Second Carriageway of                                              SUPPLEMENT Nos. 13 and 15
   Athi River—Machakos Turnoff Road (A 109) Project                          1190-1191
                                                                                                  Legislative Supplements, 2020
The Customs and Border Control Department—Goods
   to be sold at Customs Warehouse, Kilindini                1192-1218        LEGAL NOTICE No.                                              PAGE

The Kenya Informations and Communications Act—                                   23—The Insurance (Anti-Money Laundering and
   Application for Licences                                   1218-1219              Combating Financing Terrorism) Guidelines,
The Prckeeds of Crime and Anti-Money Laundering Act—                                 2020                                                    161
   Preservation Orders                                        1220-1221          24—The Insurance (Bancassurance) Regulations,
In the Matter of Africa Merchants Assurance Company                                  2020                                                    181
    Limited—Petition for Liquidation                               1221                                       (Group-wide    Supervision)
                                                                                 25 —The    Insurance
The Veterinary Surgeons and Veterinary Paraprofessionals                              Regulations, 2020                                      187
   Act—De-Registration                                             1221
                                                                                 26—The Insurance (Microinsurance) Regulations, 2020         192
The Companies Act—Dissolutions, etc                           1221-1222
                                                                                  27 —The Physical and Land Use Planning (Classification
The Political Parties Act—Election of Party Leader                 1222                of Strategic and Inter-County Projects)
                                                                                       (Amendment) Regulations, 2020                         199
The Co-operative Societies Act—Appointment of
   Liquidator                                                      1222
The Competition Act—Digital Lending Market                                                           SUPPLEMENT No. 14
  Inquiry/Sector Study                                        1222-1223                                 Senate Bills, 2020
The Environmental Management and Co-ordination Act—                                                                                         PAGE
    Environmental Impact Assessment Study Reports             1223-1229       The Prompt Payment Bill, 2020                                   39

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