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20 March 2020

Kenya Government Gazette dated 2020-03-20 number 50

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                                                              NATIONAL COUNCIL FOR
                                                                 LAW REPOP:11:Na

                                           Published by Authority of the Republic of Kenya
                                                   (Registered as a Newspaper at the G.P .0 .)

Vol. CXXII —No. 50                              NAIROBI, 20th March, 2020                                                        Price Sh. 60
                        GAZETTE NOTICES                                                          GAZETTE NOTICES—(Contd)
                                                                PAGE                                                                     PAGE
The Water Act—Appointment                               1360,1364,1391      The Political Parties Act—Provisional Registration of a
Supreme Court of Kenya—Easter Recess                             1360          Political Party                                            1391

The Judicature Act—Practice Directions on Electronic                        The Co-operative Societies Act—Co-operative Tribunal
   Case Management                                          1360-1364          Sessions for 2020-2021                                      1392
The Urban Areas and Cities (Amendment) Act—Appointment           1364       The Insolvency Act—Petition for Liquidation, etc              1392
The State Corporations Act—Appointment                           1364       The Environmental Management and Co-ordination Act—
The Universities Act—Re-Appointment, etc                    1364-1367          Environmental Impact and Assessment Study Reports .    1392-1395

The Mining Act—Appointment                                       1367       Disposal of Uncollected Goods                             1395-1396
County Governments Notices                                1367-1369,        Change of Names                                           1396-1397
The Land Registration     Act—Issue      of   Provisional
   Certificates, etc                                        1370-1381                          SUPPLEMENT Nos. 19 and 20
The National Treasury—Statement of Actual Revenues                                               Legislative Supplements, 2020
   and Net Exchequer Issues as at 28th February, 2020       1381-1384
The Land Act—Inquiry                                        1384-1386       LEGAL NOTICE No.                                              PAGE

The Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission                            28 —The Traffic (Driving Schools, Driving
   Act—Nominated Candidates for the Dabaso County
                                                                                    Instructors and Driving Licences) Rules, 2020          207
   Assembly Ward By-Elections, etc                          1386-1387
The Kenya Information and Communications Act—                                  29 — The Public Finance Management (Coffee
   Application for Licences                                 1390-1391               Cherry      Advance Revolving  Fund)
                                                                                     Regulations, 2020                                     429
The Companies Act—Intended Dissolution, etc                      1391


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