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27 March 2020

Kenya Government Gazette dated 2020-03-27 number 54

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                                                         NATIONAL COUNCIL FOR
                                                            LAW REPORTING

                                         Published by Authority of the Republic of Kenya
                                                  (Registered as a Newspaper at the G .P.0 .)

Vol. CXXII —No. 54                            NAIROBI, 27th March, 2020                                                          Price Sh. 60
                         GAZETTE NOTICES                                                        GAZETTE NOTICES—(Contd)
                                                               PAGE                                                                      PAGE
The Estate Agents Act—Revocation of Appointment                 1454       The Environmental Management and Co-ordination Act—
                                                                              Environmental Impact Assessment Study Report            1475-1478
The Kenya Accreditation Service Act—Re-Appointment              1454
                                                                           Disposal of Uncollected Goods                              1478-1479
The Human Resource Management Professionals Act—
                                                                           Change of Names                                                 1479
   Appointment                                                  1454
                                                                                          SUPPLEMENT Nos. 21, 23, 25 and 27
The Mining Act—Appointment of Inspectors of Mines, etc     1454-1455
The Tourism Act—Establishment of the National Tourism                                           Legislative Supplements, 2020
   Crisis Steering Committee                               1455-1456       LEGAL NOTICE NO.                                               PAGE

County Governments Notices                               1456-1457,        30—The Central Bank of Kenya (Mortgage Refinance
                                                     1473-1475,1479           Companies) (Amendment) Regulations, 2020                    445
The Land Registration      Act—Issue of     Provisional                    31 — The Competition Act—Exclusion                             445
   Certificates, etc                                       1457-1465
                                                                           32 —The Law Society of Kenya (General) Regulations,
The Land Act—Intention to Acquire, etc                     1465,1479           2020                                                       447
The Civil Aviation Act—Decisions of the Kenya Civil                        33 — The Special Economic Zones (Amendment)
   Aviation Authority on Applications for Air Service                          Regulations, 2020                                          509
   Licences                                                1465-1468
                                                                           31 —The Insurance Act—Exemption                                519
The National Construction Authority Act—Code of
   Conduct for the Construction Industry                   1468-1472
                                                                                             SUPPLEMENT Nos. 22 and 24
The Kenya Informations and Communications Act—
   Application for Licences                                    1473                             National Assembly Bills , 2020
The Crops Act— Proposed Grant of Tea Licences                  1473
                                                                           The Small Claims Court (Amendment) Bill, 2020                      45
The Physical and Land Use Planning Act—Intention to
   Plan Kyumani Market                                         1475        The Kenya National Library Service Bill, 2020                      49

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