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8 May 2020

Kenya Government Gazette dated 2020-05-08 number 83

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                                                               NATIONAL COUNCIL FOR
                                                                  LAW REPORTING

              THE KENYA GAZETTE
                                             Published by Authority of the Republic of Kenya
                                                        (Registered as a Newspaper at the G.P.O.)

Vol. CXXII —No. 83                                      NAIROBI, 8th May, 2020                                                       Price Sh. 60

                            GAZETTE NOTICES                                                         GAZETTE NOTICES—(Contd.)
                                                                     PAGE                                                                    PAGE
The State Corporations Act—Appointment                               1848      The Physical and Land Use Planning Act—Completion of
                                                                                  Development Plan                                           1868
The Warehouse Receipt System Act —Apoointment                        1848
                                                                               Disposal of Uncollected Goods                                  1868
The Keny Defence Forces Act—Discontinuation of
   Deployment                                                        1848

The Public Finance Management Act—Appointment                        1848           SUPPLEMENT Nos. 58,59,60,61,62,63,64,65 and 67

Taskforce on Formulation of Related Regulations to                                                  Legislative Supplements, 2020
   Facilitate Electronic Registration, Conveyancing and
                                                                               LEGAL NOTICE No.                                              PAGE
   other Land Transactions in Line with Existing Land
   Laws —Extension of Term                                           1849      71-75, 77—The Public Health (COVID-19 Restriction
                                                                                   of Movement of Persons and Related Measures)
The Intergovernmental Relations Act—Establishment of
                                                                                   (Mandera County) Order (Amendment) Rules,
   Institutional Structures to Facilitate the implementation
                                                                                   2020, etc                                                  871
   of National Government programmes and Projects in
   Counties                                                     1849-1850      76—The Kenya Defence Forces (South Africa Visiting
                                                                                  Forces) Order, 2020                                         877
The Kenya Plant Health Inspectorate Service Act—
   Appointment                                                       1850      78—The Standards (Verification of Conformity to
                                                                                  Standards and other Applicable Regulations)
County Governments Notices                                      1850-1851,
                                                                                  Order, 2020                                                 881
                                                                               79--The Plant Protection (Fees          and    Charges)
The Land Registration Act—Issue of New Title Deeds              1851-1852
                                                                                   (Amendment) Rules, 2020                                    885
The Land Act—Inquiry, etc                                       1852-1853
                                                                               80—The Public Health (Fees) (Amendment) Rules
The Fisheries Management and Development Act—                                     2020                                                        887
   Recognition of International Conservation and
                                                                               81 —The Kenya Citizenship and              Immigration
   Management Measures                                          1854-1865
                                                                                   (Amendment) Regulations, 2020                              889
The     Public Private Partnerships Act—Request for
      Qualification to Build, Own, Operate and Transfer-                       82—The Sacco Societies (Non-Deposit-Taking
      140mw Geothermal Power Generation Project in                                Business) Regulations, 2020                                 891
      Olkaria-Naivasha Kenya Pursuant to Kenya's PPP
      Act, 2013 Tender No: KGN-BDD-010-2019                          1865
                                                                                                        SUPPLEMENT No. 66
The Standards Act—Addendum/Corrigenda                           1865-1866
The Companies Act—Intended Dissolution, etc                     1866-1867                           National Assembly Bills , 2020

The     Co-operatives   Societies   Act—Appointment       of                                                                                 PAGE
      Liquidator, etc                                                1867
                                                                               The Finance Bill, 2020                                         245
The     Labour Relations Act—Amendment             of    the
      Constitution and Name                                          1867

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