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15 May 2020

Kenya Government Gazette dated 2020-05-15 number 87

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                                                                     NATIONAL COUNCIL FOR
                                                                        LAW REPORTING

                                           Published by Authority of the Republic of Kenya
                                                    (Registered as a Newspaper at the G.P.O.)

Vol. CXXII—No. 87                                  NAIROBI, 15th May, 2020                                                       Price Sh. 60
                          GAZETTE NOTICES                                                       GAZETTE NOTICES—(Contd. )
                                                                 PAGE                                                                     PAGE
The National Transport and Safety Authority Act-                           The Physical and Land Use Planning Act-Completion of
   Appointment                                                    1880        Part Development Plan, etc                              1914-1915
The National Authority fro the Campaign Against Alcohol
                                                                           The Environmental Management and Co-ordination Act-
   and Drug Abuse Act-Appointment                                 1880
                                                                              Environmental Impact Assessment Study Report            1915-1924
The National Construction Authority Act-Appointment               1880
County Governments Notices                                       1880,     Disposal of Uncollected Goods                              1924-1925
                                                                           Change of Names                                                 1925
The Land Registration Act-Issue of New Title Deeds, etc .1880-1890,1925
The Land Act-Corrigendum, etc                                1890-1891
                                                                                             SUPPLEMENT Nos. 69, 70 and 72
The East African Community Management Act-
  Cessation of Warehousing Goods                                 1891                           Legislative Supplements, 2020
The Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority-Fuel                         LEGAL NOTICE NO.                                               PAGE
   Enegy Cost Charge                                         1891-1893
                                                                           83 -The Public Health (COVID-19 Restriction of
The Physical Planners Registration Act-Registered                              Movement of Persons and Related Measures)
   Physical Planners                                         1893-1898         (Eastleigh Area) Order, 2020                                981
The Unclaimed Financial Assets Act-No Objection              1898-1899     84 - The Public Health (COVID-19 Restriction of
The Seeds and Plant Varieties Act-Crop Varieties             1899-1903          Movement of Persons and Related Measures)
                                                                                (Mombasa Old Town) Order, 2020                             983
The Public Service Commission-List of all Applicants
   and Shortlisted Candidates for the Position of the                       85 -The "Public Health (COVID-19 Restriction of
   Auditor - General                                         1911-1912          Movement of Persons and Related Measures)
                                                                                (Mandera County) Order, 2020                               985
The Political Parties Act-Vacancies in the Office of
   Registrar and Assistant Registrar of Political Patties,
   etc                                                       1912-1913
                                                                                                   SUPPLEMENT No. 71
The Companies Act-Intended Dissolution, etc                  1913-1914
                                                                                                National Assembly Bills , 2020
The Biosafety Act-Request for Comments on an
   Application for Environmental Release (Open Field                                                                                      PAGE
  Cultivation) and Placing on the Market of Disease
  Resistant Genetically Modified Cassava in Kenya                 1914      The Referendum Bill, 2020                                       291


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